Why so many cases that don't fit aftermarket CPU coolers

I'm looking for a case, preferably a mid tower that will accommodate a decent CPU cooler with a side fan installed in the case. Looking at the measurements, it seems like a lot of cases, even full towers, can't handle the taller CPU coolers with fans installed in the side of the case..

My set-up so far:
AsRock p67 Extreme4
i7 2600k
MSI GTX 570 superclocked
XFX 850w Black Edition PSU
CPU cooler???? ZALMAN 9500A OR COOLER MASTER Hyper N 520 (smallish)??
case??? looking at some NZXT, corsair 600t WHite (if it ever comes out), and coolermaster.

It just seems like if the cases were even a couple centimeters wider, it would be fine. A few of the combinations i tried, the CPU cooler fan was only 5-6mm too high. :pfff:
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  1. Your build is very similar to mine.

    I'm using the Coolermaster CM 690 Case (bought it like 3 years ago). I was concerned about the size of some of the standard air heat sinks so I ended up buying the Corsair H70 heatsink.

    It does a pretty good job, it might not be quite as good as the toaster sized heat sinks they make today but you will be able to overclock the 2600k to 4.8 ghz easy without heat problems.

    The only downside to the H70 is it is fairly expensive, I got it $30.00 off which made it ok but I believe the standard price in Canada is about $109.99.
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