I want to change my Graphic Card!

Hello everybody,
I'm new in the Graphic Cards World, So bear with me please!
i have Toshiba Qosmio X300-13O laptop, sense Q1 2009.
and because i don't shutdown my laptop at all ( for downloading )
& also watching hours & hours of videos a day, everyday.
my Graphic Card overheated so i changed it with the warranty.
but the thing is i want to have better Graphic Card specially that
i changed the HDD to SSD & put 8GB of RAM, So what is the best
Graphic Card out there that i can put on my laptop?
& Does it matter what kind of screen do i have?
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  1. hi and welcome first of all don't use http codes because they don't work!
    now what do you do most with your computer do you play heavy video games as well?
    EDIT: i read your post again and i noticed you said laptop... you can't change a laptop's gpu but you can underclock it if it gives a high temperature.
  2. thanks guys, but i have 2 Q:-
    1. what is gpu exactly?
    2. what is underclock exactly?
    when it overheated i changed it in the company < so does it mean i
    can only put the same graphic card OR same kind put different power?
    & yes i play heavy video games not everyday put every-week.
  3. i read about the Graphics processing unit, but
    i want to know what is it GPU from the picture
    i posted in 1st post, & is there a measurement
    for it or no?
    PS: why can't i edit my posts?
  4. 1. What they are telling you is that on a LAPTOP you cannot change the video card -- only the factory can do that since they are soldered to the mobo instead of being in a slot due to space limitations inside the laptop -- so the only way to change the video chip is to have one of the few laptops that have this option and then to pay the manufacturer they outrageous price they want to upgrade it for you or get a new laptop !

    2. Underclocking is slowing down the video card so that it performs at a slower speed thus generating less heat and keeping it from shutting down due to the heat buildup -- thus being a little less speedy but more stable !

    For the PS -- you can only edit your post if you are on the site for the country you registered the account in (ie. I'm in the US so I can only edit my posts if logged into the US forum - If I am redirected to the UK forum then even though the threads are the same I can not edit any post I have made until I go back onto the US forum and edit it there !)
  5. Thaaaaaanks alot.
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