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I have an old laptop (4 years) that I use as a workstation. The problem is that it seems to have problem with Wifi connectivity to my router. I replaced the router thinking that it was the problem and while it did get a little better, it still disconnects.

Not only does it disconnect but I have a lot of problems with AJAX type websites (such as ones that use Disqus for comments) because I think it has too much latency.

I have the latest driver installed. I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition.

I've done simple things like move it around, take off the bottom plate and so on.

I also have a netbook, and I can use it from the same location without any problems whatsoever.

I am looking for the lowest cost solution to this problem.

(Note: In my apartment there are jacks for cable and a satellite system that are both inactive. If I can't get good wifi to this machine, I am wondering if I can buy adapters and run my network through the cables. Thoughts? )
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  1. I did some more testing to try and localize the problem.

    My original analysis was incorrect.

    Using my Android phone set to wifi mode, I was able to conclude it wasn't that specific laptop.

    I could see that when the laptop disconnected, so did the android.

    The wifi signal from the router itself seems to be dropping very frequently.

    I even tried moving the laptop into the room near the wifi router and still got drops.

    Right now I am trying to see if there is some interference maybe from a neighbors cordless phone.

    I am testing with setting the wifi channel to a specific number instead of auto. So far, no difference. I tried 2 and 8 (not sure what the "best" channel is ) and now am trying 6.

    I should let you know I am connected to the Internet with Clear Wimax.

    I also separated the wifi and wimax routers so that they wouldn't interfere with each other. Yet still get drops.
  2. This article:

    Suggests 1 and 11 and says 6 is the default. Mine was set to AUTO. Is there any way of telling what channel the wifi is running on when it's set to auto?

    If 6 doesn't work, I guess I'll try 1 and 11.

    There are quite a few wifi's in my neighborhood (apartment buildings) so I'm hoping this is the problem...
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    Setting it to 11 fixed the disconnect problem.

    As I mentioned there are quite a few Wifi hubs in these apartments.
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