Asus pt6, upgraded ram, detected, but computer reaction slower

Hi Everyone, i tried searching for a similar thread but couldnt find anything similar. So the question is:

I have Asus PT6 Deluxe, originally had 6GB of RAM, (3 sticks of 2GB). Recently i added 4 more GB (2 sticks with 2GB). Older sticks were in orange slots, new sticks i added to the middle black slot and right black slot. All sticks were 1300's.

BIOS recognized all 10GB and so did windows, and windows can use all 10GB.
The problem is, that since i upgraded it, there is a small delay when doing some things, for example, half a second delay when switching from a window to a window, 1 second delay when doing copy/paste and so on... doesnt sound like much but becomes very annoying if you have to use your computer all day long. Tried resetting the comp many times, made no other changes to the system.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone
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  1. maybe one ram has a problem, one a got a dual 4gb kit it was slow so i took one of the 4 gbs out and it ran much much faster, than i exanched the ram that gave me problems.. i dont know its weird but it happened to me
  2. something not adding up. You have 6 slots.
    10 gigs = 5 sticks. Do you have all six slots populated with 2 gig ram module - that equals 12 gigs installed, not 10 gigs.

    If you have all slots populated: bestlink is probably correct and two gigs are not recognized. Try removing and re-inserting the ram modules. Ive had it happen that it looked like they were fulliy inserted but were not.

    Download CPUID CPU-z. Look at memory tap and verify triple channel operation.

    May have a missmatch, using two of the orginal 3 with one of the New sticks. Should use the three orignal with three of the 4 New. memory timings/ voltages. All ram should have the same Voltage requirements and the Frequency/CL ratings should be Identical. Normally should phurchase as a set (ie two sets of IDENTICAL 3 x 2 gigs Kits)
  3. Thank you both for replying. There are 6 slots, but i only have 5 sticks (2gb each) that add up to 10gb. 3 old sticks were in orange slots, and i added 2 more sticks to black slots. Left black slot is empty. All 10gb are recognized by BIOS and windows and computer can use them, with databases that i use i tested it and computer used almost all 10gb of ram.

    I downloaded memtest86, no errors. Did windows memory diagnostic, no errors.

    Downloaded CPU-Z, SPD tab show exactly the same info for all 5 slots (slot #2 is the empty slot)

    I heard that idealy i should have 3 or 6 sticks with triple channel ram, but it was my understanding that 5 sticks shouldnt be a problem.
    btw, ram is CM3X2G1333C9.

    Thank you again
  4. Did you look at single/daul/triple channel operation (Listed in CPU-z). With the odd Nr of Ram Modules most likely you are NOW running single channel mode which will decrease memorry performance.
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