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So Here's the Situation So Far.

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January 5, 2011 2:48:11 AM

Today, I got 2 Geforce 8800 Ultras, a TX750W PSU, a MSI NF980-G65 motherboard, and a new case in the mail. I installed all the parts to the specifications and checked multiple times to make sure I have everything connected. I booted it up, everything seems to be working properly, the fans are all running, the LEDs are on, so I know the PSU is working fine. Then after the POST screen, the screen goes black for the most part and the only text is "Error loading OS". I read more in the instructions and it says to access the BIOS and boot from the disc drive, in order to run the disc that came with the new motherboard. I do so, set it to boot from the DVD drive first, then stick the disc in and hit reset. It boots, only to go to the same black screen after the POST that says "Error loading OS".

This is my first time upgrading a system, but I already have Windows 7 on one of the harddrives that I transferred from my old case to the new one, so I skipped the step about putting the OS installation disc in. Not that I have one anyways, this system came with W7 already on it and no extra copies as far as I remember. Even if I DID have any extra copies, I couldn't install it if it's already on the HDD, could I? I'm confused as to why it isn't detecting the operating system (or motherboard disc) correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please reply as I am looking forward to using my new parts, thank you!

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a c 194 V Motherboard
January 5, 2011 3:04:41 AM

There is no upgrade when you install a new motherboard. You have to do a fresh install of Windows. You will either have to find the disk or buy a copy.

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January 5, 2011 3:15:36 AM

Typically, if you replace such components as motherboard or CPU, you should reinstall OS, or at least do the Repair Install. This is a completely new environment for OS that was installed on a different configuration.
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January 5, 2011 3:23:17 AM

Sigh, so I would need to buy/download a new copy of Windows 7?
a c 194 V Motherboard
January 5, 2011 4:23:23 AM

Yep. Time to buy it. It's only $99 for Windows 7 Home Premium x64 for system builders at newegg.
January 5, 2011 3:42:52 PM

Alright, kind of a bummer, but thanks for the info.
January 5, 2011 3:43:21 PM

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January 6, 2011 1:23:51 AM

I was going to star a new thread, but since I was planning on referencing this one anyways, I'll just post in it again. Now that I have it figured out that I need another copy of Windows 7, I can get it, but since it will delete the data on my HDD I've heard, I'm going to transfer some files from the HDD to another computer's HDD. I've already got this system together and working and in order to get the HDD out of it and back into the original, I would have to take out the HDD, processor, and DVD drive all out of my current system and reinstall them back in my old system that I got them from. This would probably require me to take out some of the other components in my new system what with all the cords and such being in the way, which is a hassle.

Basically, I'm wondering if I ONLY take the HDD out of my new system, and plug it into the motherboard of another system that already has a CPU and DVD drive installed in it, get the files off of it either onto the other system's HDD or onto discs, then transfer them to the new system later. I'm curious as to whether or not I will have the same issue hooking the HDD up to the other system's motherboard as I am with trying to use it with my new motherboard. Will it be compatible? It seems like it wouldn't be... But then again it doesn't seem like it would be this much of a hassle if you were to just get a new HDD and keep your current motherboard.

tl;dr I'm wondering if hooking a new HDD up to a motherboard will have compatibility issues of any sort.

Thanks for reading, once again, any help will be appreciated! I'll create a new thread if no one responds to this one because it's solved already.
a b V Motherboard
February 23, 2012 8:01:35 PM

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