GTX 260 sp216 fan speed

At first, English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes.

My PC's specification:

CPU: Q9550
Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-DS3
GPU: Gainward GTX 260 core216 Golden Sample
RAM: 2x2GB OCZ Flex DDR2-1200 @800Mhz CL5
Power supply: Corsair HX450W

I have problem with my graphic card (problem occurred from the moment of assembly of the computer). When I run PC, GPU's fan is running at maximal speed (fan speed control doesn't work correctly; effect: loud noise) and monitor enters "economy mode". After short time (5-10 seconds, each time the same way) fan speed control starts and fan slows to normal speed (it's almost inaudible), on the monitor I can see the initialization screen (etc.).

Yesterday someone plugged heater (power: 2 kW) into the same surge protector, where it's connected all hardware and peripherals. The fuse was knocked out. Since then, at startup, GPU's fan is running at maximal speed by 40-50 seconds (each time the same way - I measured this by a stopwatch). There are no other side effects. o_O'

Voltages and temperatures are ok.

What happened? How to fix it? May have been damaged boot settings in the graphic card bios or fan control?

Greetins (sorry for my english)
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  1. It is normal for the fan to run full speed until the drivers load with windows. If this time increase is as well an increase in boot time then something reset it self in the motherboard BIOS and it takes longer for the computer to start up.
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