Duo core vs core2duo

what is the diferrence in performance between duo core vs core2duo
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  1. Did you even try to look first - or Google?
    I did it for you...

  2. ^ BE NICE
    I understand that nOObs ask some silly easy to Google questions
    but a Toms member should be helpful
    At least nicely SUGGEST they Google LOL
    Though if I have to see one more "do i need a soundcard?"
    or "why does my Core2Duo read 1.6 when it is supposed to be 2.4ghz?"thread
    I might just puke :)
  3. A Core 2 Duo is just an Intel dual core. It is there name for it, just like Core 2 Solo, Core 2 Duo, and Core 2 Quad. The architecture is just an older tech. AMD Phenom II X2 or Core 2 Duo, both just dual cores. Hope this helped! ;)
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