What to upgrade?

19" 933BW Samsung Monitor @ 1440x900
GTX 260
Q8200 at 3.2 GHZ
640 GB WD HDD (rated 5.9 in windows)
Asus P5QC Motherboard
Antec Nine hundred Two case
Zalmon 9500A Cooler
4GB Crucial Memory
Corsair 750TX power supply
MX518 mouse
Logitech 250 Deluxe keyboard
HT OMEGA CLARO+ Sound card
G13 Gamepad
ATH-AD700 Headphones
Logitech LS21 2.1 Speaker system
Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

So, I recently acquired ~$300.00 USD and I can't decide what to upgrade.
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  1. Well, upgrading the platform would be more than $300, but the biggest thing I see is the monitor. That's pretty tiny by today's standards. I've seen 23.5 inch 1080p monitors running $160 and less, even with LED backlight. That would leave enough to get a 60 GB SSD, although I would personally get one of the Vertex II SSD's in the 100-120GB range. They are running about $2/GB which while its not ideal, its better and I think well worth it in terms of system responsiveness. I was a naysayer for a while..until I bought one and now I can't see going without one.

    Definitely look at some monitors.
  2. What if I had close to 450?
  3. makua said:

    If I were you I'd save yourself some $$$ and get something like this for a monitor: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009266

    I've got a similar model acer and the blacks are pretty black at contrast ration of 80k:1. What do you use your pc for mainly? Like buzznut said, the leftover $$ can get you a decent 60gb ssd that'll increase speeds tremendously on your pc and be a nice upgrade.
  4. All kinds of stuff, Video games, browsing, lots of multitasking.

    Would the 5ms response time be worse than 2ms? or noticeable at all?

    Also the contrast ratio is 1000:1 thats kinda bad isnt it?
  5. 2 ms is better than 5ms.
  6. 2 ms is better than 5 ms but I'm not sure how big a difference it would make to the naked eye. My aver is 5 ms and I'm happy with it. Like any hardware purchase, do a little research on it. The contrast ratio diesnt appear to be that great to me, but I'm not a monitor expert. As I understand, the CR just shows how well black is displayed. But I've had my monitor for almost 2 yrs so contrast ratios might not matter as much with newer monitors...
  8. It's gotten some pretty positive reviews on newegg, bug I couldn't find any reviews from cnet & the likes. At that price, & in your shoes, I'd order it if it were me. You could see if your local shops have this model & see it in person before you buy. As for the contrast ratio, I didn't see any complaints about it. I'm on my iPhone & at work so I can't do much research but I'm sure if you googles it you'd find more info.
  9. yeah *** it has good reviews
  10. rahh I cant decide, need more input.
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