Help me decide: new GPU or not?

Hey guys, so I plan to play WoW by upgrading my video card. What would the cheapest, but most effective, upgrade be?

I need to play at its highest settings at a resolution of 1600x900.

Relevant system specs are:

AMD PhenomII X4 945 @ 3.0GHz
MSI 870-G45 AMD770 Chipset
2x 2GB Kingston Valueram @ 1333MHz
Silverstone ST50F-ES 500W 80+ standard PSU
20" LED Monitor @ 1600x900

1) Buy a brand new GTX460 768MB for $150

2) Buy a brand new HD 5770 512MB for $130

3) Buy a second hand HD 4850x2 1GB for $110

4) Keep my "Ole' Faithful" 9600GT 512MB wewt

Thanks! :D


5) Buy a second hand HD 4850 512MB for $80
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  1. 5770 Gtx 460 or the new 6870 for 240$
  2. so you current can't max out the detail at 1600 x 900?
  3. @ jordan009

    Im worried that though a 6870 has a lot going for it, it may be overkill for my needs...

    @ renz496

    it gets the usual slowdowns on some raids, so maybe if I do the aforementioned upgrades, those slowdowns will go away...
  4. 1) Buy a brand new GTX460 768MB for $150

    You have a decent cpu, balance your system and do some gaming, that card will fit the bill.
  5. 1) GTX460/768M (Asus, Zotac, EVGA have their offer at around USD160).
    or spend slightly more for a USD179 HD6850.

    These 2 chipsets are much better than the dated 4850 or 5770, in terms of
    performance, DX11 supports... as your card will run for the coming years,
    a future-proof one is needed for next 2-3 years
  6. if i were you i won't go for that second hand 4850 x2. maybe the performance is good but you will have to deal with dual gpu issue. 5770 and 460 are good card but i think it is fine to spend $20 more and get 460 for the performance the card going to offer. btw your call

    EDIT: typo
  7. Do u guys think a used powercolor 4870 pcs+ for $80 is worth the money and good enough for my usage/needs?
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