Need help selectng motherboard upgrade

Hello i am new here and have a hudge question if somone could help. So i have a Gateway fx542x Its a good system with a q9300 but i dont like the ecs 680 sli lt motherboard andwanna know if anyone can tell me a board i can upgrade to as well i am an idiot and bought the tuniq tower 120 extreme.. Main reason why i need to upgrade motherboard so it has to fit the tuniqtower and i have no idea where to start thanks in advance for any help
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  1. basicly i bought to tuniq tower 120 extreme because i thought it would fit my board well i was sadly mistaken hole for braket dont even come close to lining up so my only choice is to upgrade motherboards... but idk were to start so that everything will work with the new board
  2. so what does it take over 50 people to read before somone can talk back
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