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I recently bought three vw224u asus 22 inch monitors. I have a vapor-x 5850 1gb. I have a passive displayport, as well as two active displayport adapters that I can try. I have two single link dvi cords, and one dual link dvi; and then another single link dvi that I'm not using. Propus 630 which I usually overclock to 3.6ghz but for now is at 2.8ghz. 650watt corsair tx power supply. Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Catalyst 10.10, though I've tried 10.8, and 10.9. I can't get eyefinity to work. I can extend desktops to all displays just fine, but regardless of which adapter I'm using for my third monitor (passive or active) I can't get the monitors to be a 3x1 group. when I try to make a 3x1 group it just duplicates them so I have three identical screens, which is of no use. Any idea why this would be? I've called ATI 11 times now, and they have no clue. They had me buy another active adapter, which I did, and that didn't make a difference. So now I have two active adapters. They had me buy another monitor so all of the monitors were the same type. I did that and I'm still at square one. The only things that seem odd to me are that the recommended resolution for my desktop is at 5544x1050 when I do a group. If eyefinity is trying to create a desktop that wide, then it would definitely fail because it should be at 5040x1050 because I've native max resolution of 1680x1050 for each monitor. Perhaps I will try to swap out the dual link dvi cable for the single one, or even add vga adapters to the first two monitors to see if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Also, there's a section where the screens are supposed to turn blue and you select them so that the left one is on the left, and the right one is one is on the right. Instead of my left screen turning blue, all my screens show blue on the left third of the screen. If I choose to find which screen is my middle screen, all my screens show blue on the middle third of the screen. Just seems odd.
  2. It's as though each of my screens think that it's all three screens. Also, does it matter which screen is the displayport screen? left, middle, right, etc. ?
  3. You can only use one dvi I think. One dvi, one hdmi and one displayport (or dvi to dp adaptor) would be the normal setup.

    I'm using a dvi - displayport adaptor, the normal dvi cable and the hdmi.
  4. What about the multitudes of people who have their eyefinity setup on monitors that don't have hdmi? I do not have hdmi on any of my monitors. Though, I will try a different combination of connections to see if that works. Thanks for the idea.
  5. A different combo should work for you, one dvi and 2 displayport - dvi adaptors.

    I bought an hdmi - dvi adaptor to get mine working.
  6. Alright, I will give it a shot and write back later.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's possible to do two dvi and a displayport, as I've seen many people do that in forums, as well as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZAkCoaq384 - although that video is totally wrong about not mentioning that you can just use a displayport adapter for your monitor - it does work.
  8. Hm yes you're right. My 5770 only had a single dvi connector that's why I got confused.

    You can connect up to two non-DisplayPort monitors at one time to an AMD Eyefinity technology-enabled graphics card using non-DisplayPort connections or passive DisplayPort dongles. To enable and drive 3 or more non-DisplayPort monitors at one time, the additional non-DisplayPort monitors must be connected with an active DisplayPort dongle.
  9. When I set the custom resolution, am I supposed to be setting in desktop properties in ccc or via the black arrow on the desktop group?
  10. Well it turns out the dual link dvi was giving me the wonky 5544 or somethin resolution option. Now my only option is 5040x1050 via single link dvi. However that still does not work. Just have three duplicated displays. Can you any of you tell me, step by step, exactly what you click to go from 1 display to eyefinity? I just want to verify I'm not missing something. Oh also, for my vw224u - the driver in windows 7 just shows them as generic display. It doesn't say what they are. Is there a driver for that monitor? If so, it's not on Asus's website - I went there and looked up the make and model monitor and it just has pdfs. That could be part of the problem as well.
  11. The monitor shouldn't be a problem. The dual link dvi's are a bit suspect in my opinion - I just RMA'd one myself.

    How I'd set it up would be to go to desktop and displays, and there would be 3 screens. From that it's just a case of choosing one of them (right click?) and selecting create group, then 3x1. You might then see a warning that extended desktops need to be replaced, just select yes to go ahead.

    It could take a few seconds to get everything set up, then you should have to fix the screen order with the blue thing you talked about earlier.
  12. Well am I supposed to be using dual link dvi cords for this monitor? Also, switching to vga just gave me a blue screen when trying to put in eyefinity. Also, could it be the displayport adapter? I mean I've bought two active displayport adapters without the usb that people say are so wonderful because they work up to 1900x1200 for a single monitor and save money, however, neither have worked for me. I'm pretty sure it's the displayport adapter, or my cords, cause my monitors are all brand new and 100% identical make and model, and the video card seems to be functioning just fine.
  13. This actually appears to be a software issue. I have three monitors, and they are working fine, but ccc just duplicates them and won't make one monitor out of them. This actually happens on
    this video
    but shouldn't happen as demonstrated on this video - http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/wiki/Eyefinity_FAQ#What_ATI_Catalyst_drivers_are_needed.3F
    That's how ati support describes to me that eyefinity is supposed to work. Perhaps something with windows 7 ultimate maybe. I guess I'll install vista and see if it works there.
  14. The single link adaptors should work fine with 1920x1200 (Even though they are only supposed to support up to 1920x1080).

    Can you set up an extended desktop ok? By that I mean one large workspace over the 3 screens - you should see 3 screens in CCC and if you choose "identify all" option it should display 1,2 and 3 on each screen.
  15. Hello,

    In regards to the second video I posted - how ccc eyefinity setup is supposed to look - I changed out my vapor-x 5850 (which says 'eyefinity support' on the box) for an xfx 5770 that I had upgraded from, and eyefinity works just fine. Was just playing team fortress 2 across three screens. Left 4 dead 2 just duplicated itself, however, across each of my screens. Looks to be a hardware issue though. I'm just gonna stick the 5850 in the work station pc and get myself a 6850, or maybe a 6950 when they come out later this month. Freakin video card. Also, eyefinity is so damned awesome.

  16. So a bad card then? Probably just a bad port but still pretty annoying lol.
  17. Yah the card works fine otherwise. Vapor-x Cards are the best for noise and this one performs well, but wouldn't do eyefinity. I'm just gonna stick it in another computer that doesn't use eyefinity.
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