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What is the best 1155, Ivy-Bridge ready motherboard available?

I'm looking for the best, fastest, cool motherboard that supports Ivy-Bridge and all that good stuff, PCI-E 3.0 f.e.
I don't know all that much about motherboards so I'm not sure which one is good.
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  1. Anyone?
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    ^ This page is all Mobo's that are most likely Ivy bridge compatible and have PCIe 3.0 slots.

    (btw, these are all ASUS Mobo's. There are more but I chose to list ASUS)

    ^ List of all brands
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  4. IMO - IF the goal is an IB CPU then wait. The NEW LGA 1155's with the NEW Panther Point chipsets. The only caveats are no support for the older 'PCI'.
  5. Totally agree with jaquith, wait. You will regret not waiting.
  6. Yeah I know. I was going to build a SB build until I saw Ivy Bridge. This thread is many many months old, why post anything now?
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