$1000 budget gaming computer?

I'm looking to getting gaming computer and I want suggestion on parts.

I want a amd build.

I need windows 7

The games I'm gonna be playing is anything in the near future at max settings with 1080p but for now is wow,mw2,black ops, and soon dc universe.

I already got monitor.

I do plan to xfire or sli in the future.
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  1. wait for sandy bridge
  2. Quote:
    wait for sandy bridge

    Why intel cost more.
  3. Intel costs more because they are better. When Sandy Bridge comes out those CPUs will be the one and only answer for a $1000 rig.

    Approximate prices:

    i5-2500k $220
    Asus P67 mobo $175
    Corsair 650W $90
    Antec 300 $60
    GTX 460 1GB $180
    WD HDD $65
    4GB RAM $80
    Corsair A50 cooler $35

    Total is around $900, and then you can stick another GTX 460 in when you get the chance.
  4. If you decide to get the antec 300 illusion (good solid budget case) and you live in the US get it right now jan.5 or 6th on sale at newegg for $55 great deal

  5. in benchmarks, few of the amd chips are worthwhile outside of the low-end. i5 2500k is probably the best chip you can get at a reasonable price. i would also try to get the best graphics cards possible since it tends to the bottleneck in just about every game (except SWToR, WoW, etc). one place you could save a little bit on vs the build posted above is the mobo. i just built a sub-$1k rig that runs BF3 at 60fps on max settings. check it out at www.rightrig.tumblr.com
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