Triple crossfire 5870 stability

I have 2 Sapphire radeon hd 5870's in crossfire already and theyre great, i can max out almost every game on the planet, except metro 2033, but i think everyone has problems with that game!lol. I was thinking about going triple crossfire with my 5870's and getting a 3rd one but i have some concerns about the stability. I have an ASUS Rampage III Extreme Mobo, which only have 4 PCI-E ports, so in double crossfire i can space my video cards apart fine for breathing room, but if i was to get a 3rd one id have to smoosh them all together, practically touching, meaning the fans would most likely not do even near half of its cooling capability, and that worries me because i wanna OC them and the GPUs already running that hot with them that close doesnt sound so good, but the 5870's are renowned for how cool they run, but my main concerns is if my MoBo is fine for triple crossfire, and, how 3 5870s would run with being as close as they would be? Ive seen tons of videos on Youtube of people showing off there builds with there triple crossfire 5870s and they all say they run fine, and ive watched probably 30 videos,lol. I just dont know,lol.....i dont wanna have to get a new mobo, thats out of the question,, what do you think?
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  1. Run and furmark 1.8 with prime95 torture settings using 4Gbytes (32bits applications can’t see more even if you have) for 1 hour and post your results, temperature if you don't get a crash i assume you are ok.
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