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Hello Guys,

I have decided to build my own computer, following the guides provided by this website. I went through all the sources and chose all the parts, but just to make sure I would like to have a second set of eyes look at the parts I want to order. I'd like to know if these parts are compatible, and if this combination is a good idea for a PC that will be used for medium level gaming (SC II and maybe a few FPS) and as a media center
Here is the list in which I compiled through newegg:

Thank you for all the help!
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  1. Rather than making everyone click thru all 9 links, it would be helpful if you could summarize the build by cutting/pasting the important portions of it....

    chipset/mb, cpu, ram, gpu, PSU....most other small misc. components not as relevant.
  2. Sure is a PITA, but I took out 9 seconds from my day and clicked away. It all looks good other than the GPU and the monitor. Acer has a 22" LCD for 149, 18.5" to 22" is a noticeable jump. I'm not a 5670 supporter at all, but at the resolution of the 18.5", you should be ok. I'd jump into a GTX460 or a 6870 if you can go for it.
  3. Definitely get a better graphics card. Either a GTX D 6850.

    At this point, I would wait for the i5-2500k to be released. when they are, your 1156 motherboard will be obsolete.

    Your hard drive is listed as sold out

    Grab the bigger monitor. You will like it. The only down side is the higher the resolution of the monitor, the more powerful the graphics card needs to be.

    Also, Grab a better motherboard if you stick with the i5-750
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