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Hey guys Ive been searching for a good gpu for a while and have decided on the nvidia gts450. Now though i have had some trouble finding the best gts 450 for the money. Ive been leaning toward the evga standard model, buy any input would be helpful. Thanks
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  1. depends on if you are comfortable overclockign yourself or not... and whats the max you wanna spend?

    i'd say

    if i were looking for a 450, its toward the mid pricewise, but a nice factoy overclock and great cooler

    if you're willing to spend a bit more palet has a nice option

    even higher clock but a bit more l
  2. 139 is a bit to much how difficult would it be to OC the evga version
  3. they all generally overclock pretty well just matters if you're comfortable w/doing it evga makes great cards just i'd suggest getting msi afterburner and if you're comfortable to a good medium overclock on it to around that msi's speeds and if its stable keep it there and monitor temps. if the temps hold well then stay there if to high back em down a bit
  4. thanks for the help
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