Is 8ms response time good enough to game on.

Can someone please advise me. I have found a monitor which recived good reviews, except for one thing. A 8ms response time which the review said would not be good for fast games.

The monitor is a samsung f2380m 23 inch. can anyone tell me if i should get a different monitor with a quicker response time, which will mean sacrificing some of the good features of this one.
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  1. 8 ms is fine, has worked for years.....; some of the earliest LCDs had issues, but, that was 7-8 years ago or so....
  2. Ok thanks that was what i was hoping to hear. Im building my first pc, and really liked this monitor untill i noticed that. It seems to score well in all other departments.

    I will be playing games, but also wanted to be able to watch some movies and edit photos and stuff. This seems to be a good all rounder, i think.

  3. There are much faster monitors out there for great prices. Do you have a link to this item if it is online? How much is this monitor going to cost? I might be able to show you some better options.
  4. I know this might sound dumb but i dont know how to create a link. If you could tell me how i will get it or its on amazon in uk for 210£. Would really appreciate your advice, cheers. Or on for 199$.
  5. Some bad news for you I guess. I could have recommended a monitor from Newegg, but I don't think they will ship to the UK. I wouldn't go with that monitor personally as I think 8ms is incredibly high. 5ms would be the most I would go with, but 2ms response times are much more preferred.
  6. Ok what is the monitor and i will see if its sold over here.
  7. Heres with the maths comes in.

    Technically, your eyes are the 'most' limiting factor - they are 12.5ms on average.
    The monitor is 8ms.

    But it still benefits to have say 2ms, because whenever you see an image the monitor ensures it will be a more recent image.

    However, to be strictly honest, your gaming skills, unless they are 'professional' level well.. its not going to have too much bearing.
    ps3's run on 30fps, most experts consider 30 fps playable (borderline) and 50 fps good.
    Your monitor allows for more than than that, and reflexes are much more limiting tbh.

    Having a 2ms monitor leaves noone to blame bt yourself - having an 8ms monitor means you can rage at it more ;)
  8. Ok that makes sense and im not pro thats for sure.

    Also the monitor i have suggested is a pva panel nota tn, does that make a big difference.
  9. Lol i just read the end of your message, didnt read it all at first. I lkie to have something to blame.
  10. Here's some further reading on monitor response times (and other measurements. I'd suggest reading it before getting too worried about 8ms vs. 2ms.
  11. Ok thanks im gonna read now
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