My dad bought me EVGA GTS450? nid help!!!!

good day i need some help... im scared to death... my dad bought me a EVGA GTS450 FPB 1gb ddr5 192bit .... im so happy it was a gift for my birthday... but my problem is my rigs i think its not so high enough as any of intels iseries... here's my rig...

psu 600watts generic
intel e7500 core2duo 2.9ghz (@bios 266x11 clock)
corsair ddr2 2x2gb twin xms2 (4gb ddr2 800)
gigabyte g41 chipset GA-G41M-ES2L (rev. 1.4)
1tb seagate barrcuda
benq 16'' LED 1366x768 16x9

my question is if i put this EVGA GTS450 FPB 1gb ddr5 is my rig blow? or my pc performance affected?
please help i dont know what to do... am so excited to put it on... and im so scared to put it on... thank you...
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  1. Your rig is plenty powerful to run a GTS 450. Enjoy it!
  2. diana_benjo said:
    or my pc performance affected?

    Yes, it will be a lot better! :lol:
  3. am i need to overclock or not? im confuse with my psu it was from orient 007 series chassis.. sorry i was scared =(
  4. Put the card in first and see how it performs before getting ansy about OC'ing.
  5. ok i will kind sir... but tomorrow ill setup it... coz unfortunately.. im still at office... ill get up with you as soon as ive already put my dad's gift. thank you.
  6. Your welcome, I think you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.
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