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So i have a Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT, and the problem is as follows, it over heats like crazy, all because the fan init doesnt start, to preventing it from melting or something i have to start it manually.

Few days ago i stumbled on SpeedFan, i would start the fan manually and the fan would keep on spinning, and i could run games no problem, but now for some reason it isnt happenin anymore, i mean i have nearly nothing open ( browser, msn and speed fan and the GPU is hittin 75C which is freaking ridiculous.

If anyone knows anyway i could get the fan to work would be awesome.

Thanks very much
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  1. Replace it with an aftermarket HSF, the VF900 from Zalman works well.
  2. well was wondering if there was any chance, of fixing it cuz, it does spin for a while when i start it manually
  3. You could try stripping it down a re-greasing the bearings.
  4. And if you are stripping it down anyway, go ahead and reapply thermal grease and heat sinks on the gpu. Or, you can plunk down the $59.00 (after rebate) for a new 9800GT from tigerdirect.

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