Amd/intel reseller status?.....

Hi, im wondering if you could point me in the the right direction.

I’m a registered disabled system builder based in south-east england. Working from home, my wife and I build computers to order for other disabled (mentally and physically) users.

We design home and intermediate systems based on the AMD/intel 2 and 4 core processors. The systems we design are relatively simple, designed to run the windows xp and 7 platforms. Most of our builds also accommodate speech recognition software for obvious reasons.

We are currently building between 5-10 systems a month, but have recently been approached by 2 local companies whom wish to employ our services ,I have also taken on another person(also disabled) in a full-time capacity to assist and train.

My question is this….although we produce units in what I assume is small numbers, is it possible for us to deal direct with amd/intel trade or reseller status - so that we can access trade prices rather than purchasing from our current supplier( ect) to help reduce costs to our end users.

Any help or assistance/contacts/advice would be very much appreciated. Over to you!
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  1. That's really not a question we can help you with. You'd have to contact sales at Intel and AMD directly.
  2. oh,ok.thanks anyway.i was just hoping somebody may have had some experience(s) with them.
  3. It would seem the best thing to do is send something like this post to Intel/AMD. If Ebuyer can do it, I don't see why you can't. You might have to register as self-employed or as a business etc. if not already.
  4. Short answer - No. It's not logical nor economical for a small business to purchase 500+ CPU's to get a <10% discount.
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