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im not sure where to put this but, i made a fan profile using this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXr6IIj1sLY , thing is sometimes it just goes back to 30% fan speed and stay there i would be like up to 70 sumin degrees also fans speed dont change at the temps i set it at. i set 40% 0-65c, 60% 66-70c, 70% 71-76c, 80% 77-83c, 90% 84-90c, 100% 91-999c. can someone help?
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  1. I would switch to using Afterburner, which is based on Rivatuner, but is much easier to work with. In Afterburner, there is a very simple graph for setting your custom fan speeds. Also, by switching to differenct, more updated, software, your problem with the fan profile not sticking may go away.
    Afterburner download:
  2. the graph is kinda weird for the fan adjusting, i liked how rivatuner did it, but do i have to have afterburner on for fan changes to take effect?
  3. Afterburner does not need to be on for fan changes to work. You also don't need to run Afterburner at startup.
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