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Defective Mother Board - I just built a new PC and Ive been having many issues lately , My Specs Are HIS ICE Q 6970, i7 2600k, 8GB DDR3 Gskill 1600hmz ram, ASROCK P67 Extreme 4 gen 3 mother board, Corsair 850w PSU, Westerndigital Caviar Black HDD ,and Win 7 64 bit Oem Anyway Ive been having performance issues with games , My comp randomly re booting and stuff , I thought it might be my GPU but then I realized my ram is only single channel on the bios _ I had it in slot a1 and a2 which was the reason i thought but then I installed them to a1 and b1 and a2 and b2 like asrock manual said , SO I did that and both times nothing would appear , it would just say Couldn't find HDMI signal and then when i turned it back to a1 and a2 it worked , None of the capacitors on the mobo appear to be popped , So could all my issues be My Mother board failing - Thanks
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    Download and run Memtest testing both sticks, 1 stick at a time. If both sticks pass with no errors, I would say its the board.
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