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Ok using a mesh of new and used parts here is my new system i am going to build i know its on the low-end now but very upgradeable .

CPU: Amd phenom 9150e 1.8 used
MEMORY: 4 gigs ddr2 pc2-5300
Videocard: Galaxy geforce 9600gt LE 512mb ddr3
MOBO: Asus m4a785-m
Power supply: 300 watt stock
Hard drive:2 500 gig sata 7200 rpm
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  1. Might want to follow the guidelines from the link in my signature. We can't do anything without decent information.

    Judging from the parts you're listing, you shouldn't be trying to put together a new build. Everything in there is extrememly obsolete, and any money spent to make it useful is a waste. You can build a current system with upgrade potential for less than $500-600 easy. I'd save up unitl you have that much.
  2. Well as stated I havent spent anything directly on this. These are just already onhand parts. Seeing that i can put 16gb ddr2 1200mhz oc Top video card and top am3 phenom II the upgradeablity is there Im just going to build this one and upgrade slowly
  3. So if you already have the parts, what is the question? Are you wanting to know what to upgrade first?
  4. It's not an upgrade if your going to build it now... It's a build your doing. I suggest just completely returning all the parts and saving more money for different parts. What's your total money spent for the parts? Or was it given to you?
  5. definitely need to upgrade powersupply and a amd phenom 2 if gaming a better videocard and you should be good with the 4 gigabytes of memory no sense wasting money on old outdated memory the difference between ddr2 and 3 is small with the phenom 2 so could be a cheap sensible upgrade?
  6. just noticed your memory is kinda slow 667 mhz 1066 would have beeen better
    live near a microcenter you can get a free motherboard instore only when you buy a cpu
    maybe sell something
  7. yea if you have atleast dd2 800 that wouldn't be bad but pc2-5300 is only 667 mhz which may not be too bad
    you can use a ati or nvidia single gfx but not sli 2 or more nvidia cards 1 nvidia card will work fine with an ati chipset and vise versa some good deals on memory right now check this out 4GB DDR3-1333 $59.99 After Rebate: $29.99

    thanks to blackdogdeek
  8. All these parts were given to me except the motherboard and it was at microcenter for 74. I'm not going for the ultimate kickass computer right now dont have the money just took the best i had spare wise. I got that motherboard because it can use am2 am2+ and am3. Yea the low point is ddr2 and only one pcie slots, but i am using this as a stepping stone to bulid better. I have a friend that works at the garbage dump and it is amazing what people throw out a lot of these parts came from there. So i was just going for thoughts on the build as a whole. Its strengths and weaknesses Thanks
  9. Well, about the only thing you can upgrade without upgrading the psu too is the processor. Might as well start there. Grab a Phenom II 955 or Athlon II 640. Both quad cores. After that get some decent memory and a 500-550W PSU. Then look at upgrading the graphics card. That would be my suggestion.
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