New case, motherboard has had problems since install.

Hello. I just bought a NZXT case to transfer my motherboard (Sabertooth X58) and components into to gain space and cooling capability, but the transfer has been wrought with problems due to what I believe is a problematic make of the case. Please bear with me as I want to provide as much deal as possible to try to attain an answer.

When screwing the motherboard into place in the case I noticed that the top USB and PS/2 mouse ports were not able to properly align with the 'slot' in the back of the case (the ports were too deep/far down to properly align), and there was also a problem in that the far left (closest to the back of the case) center screw was problematic going in, needing far more pressure than my old case and more than any other screw in the new case. I let up on some of the screws to get the left center screw in easier and proceeded to connect all my components (power supply and cables to cpu and motherboard, hard drive, disk drive, video card, etc.). I triple checked every cable was in flush and tight and in their proper places. I noticed that the video card (HIS Radeon HD6950) wouldn't properly align with the screw holes in the back of the case as well, so I pushed in the back of the case to align the card to screw in.

Now that everything was set up I connected the power cable, and dvi cable and turned the unit on, but after doing so I was not getting a video feed to my tv from the video card (the card's fan powered on fine). I made sure the cable was flush and tight to the card, I tried the second dvi port as well, no luck. I powered down the pc (I always allow ample time after powering down and removing power cable before re-arranging internal components, I also make sure to discharge any static electricity), checked that the flashing switch on the top of the card was not moved, made sure it was in correctly, and everything was fine. I tried the other two PCIe ports on the motherboard to the same problem.

I thought maybe I didn't tighten the screws enough on the motherboard after getting the left center screw in, so I tightened them up and powered on and then the pc powered on for a fraction of a second then powered off (this happened a few times). I then loosened the screws up again and it powered on fine again (but still no video).

At this point I decided to breadboard the motherboard and components. After setting everything up I powered up with just the motherboard connected, and it powered up fine, then the cpu+motherboard, then motherboard+cpu+ram stick, until I added the video card, and still the same problem in every PCIe port. I then grabbed my old Radeon 5770 and tried that card in every PCIe port, same problem there. I switched out my current power supply for my old (still adequate) psu, it powered on fine, no video with either video card in any of the PCIe ports. The motherboard speaker does not give any beeps indicating any problem when powering on. I've tried powering on using the power button from my new and old case, same problem. At this point I'm left wondering if the new case's warped build shorted out the PCIe slots from under the motherboard.

To complicate things further I bought the motherboard (brand new and sealed) off of e-bay so I don't even think the ASUS warranty even covers it (and the listing is nearly a year old and the title only mentions the new CPU I got with the X58 in a combo deal). I bought the case off of Amazon and I know I can get a refund/replacement on it, but I doubt they'd (checked NZXT's site and they don't) cover damage the case did to my motherboard. I am hoping there is something I haven't tried that will save me from needing to get a new motherboard. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. From your info it makes the video card suspect. Your mobo, CPU, RAM, and PSUs all seem to be fine: but no video. I'd swap the video card and see it it isn't the problem.
  2. Well, I did already mention (sorry if that wasn't clear) I tried another video card (a Radeon 5770), to no avail. I tried it in each of the three PCIe slots and with two different power supply units and received the same problem that I had with the HD 6950. I've tried both digital and analog dvi connections with both cards as well, with the same results. I even tried a dvi to display port adapter and a dvi to hdmi adapter and all the ports on both cards yield no results.
  3. I also just did the CMOS/battery removal and re-install and no luck there.
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