5870 or 6870

Hello, I am planning on upgrading my GTX 275 to a ATI 5870 or ATI 6870 but dont know which, I will use it mainly on valve games but also crysis 2 and Dirt 3 etc. I dont really want to spend over £300.

I was looking at the GTX 470 but I got the impression from reading the benchmarks the ATI 5870 used less power consumption and ran cooler.

current system
i7 920 @ 2.66Ghz (plan to OC by xmas)
Asus P6T delux v2
6GB ram
700 Watt power supply
antec 1200
24" monitor 1920x1080 + 15" (not sure about resolution)

thanks for your time
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  1. you should also consider GTX 460 in SLI
  2. Get the 6870. It will consume less power, but will perform nearly as fast as the 5870. A 6870 should also be significantly cheaper than a 5870.
  3. I will really suggest you to wait for GTX580/6970(Cayman) release (few weeks)

    Even if you dont end buying any of these there might be some price adjustments and drops.

    As far as the choice if the choice is 5870/6870 clearly I would advice you 6870. Here are pros/cons

    1. Price (6870 is MUCH cheaper than 5870 and only about 5-7% slower)
    2. 6870 is actually faster on Unigine heavy tesselation so in future tesselated games 6870 might end equal or faster than 5870 and current games will run fine on both so future proof 6870
    3. 6870 uses less power (151 vs 188 I think)
    4. 6870 is about 1" shorter

    I suggest you wait for Cayman release though as if your price range is 300 GBP there is some small chance 6950 to be close to that price (may be $350 at release which should be close to 300GBP)
  4. @eawsteel rightly said .if you are not in a hurry and can wait then GTX580 or the 6900 series would be a better choice.But do consider the price!
  5. Cayman might not make it for 22nd Nov launch
    "Sources on a small island that doesn’t get along well with red China are informing us that Cayman has little chance to make the scheduled November 22nd launch. The situation doesn’t look good as the final chip never made it to partners and the final boards are not ready yet. Partners do have early samples, but our sources assured us that there is no final bios and that drivers are not ready."
  6. The 5870 is a little faster, but certainly not enough to warrant the price premium over the 6870. Of course if you're buying a 5870 you're not worried about silly things like that ^_^. If you want advice, then wait till the end of the month for the 6900 series cards before you make your decision. If you want something now then go for the 6870.
  7. thanks for fast reply.
    I suppose I can wait for the new Nvidia and ATI cards, was waiting for the 68XX before this now :P
    I can get the 6870 for £205 and the 5870 for £270 but i'll wait
    should i bump this post when they come out or make new post?
  8. Discussion will start when new graphic cards are released so you may get your answer by searching for similar queries or even if you don't get your answer it's your choice to start a new thread or not.
  9. andyluckyshot said:
    should i bump this post when they come out or make new post?


    * Post in ALL CAPS or use excessive punctuation!!!
    * Share personal information, like your email address. Identify theft is real.
    * Bump posts, claim "first!"
    * Hijack a topic. Stick to the original conversation.
    * Ask for help pirating, cracking passwords, or bypassing copyright protection
  10. @AndyLuckyShot Please. Do follow the Rules .
  11. sorry, when i tried to read them the page was blocked by my organisation.
  12. Adding new information to a thread is one thing but bumping a thread just to keep at the top of the board will result in it's closure.
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