First of all, here is my set up:

-I5 2500k sandy bridge
-GTX 460
-cooler master haf x

I need a motherboard that
- has 4 ram slots
-sli capability
-1155 socket
-140 dollars

my new setup is for gaming btw.
so far I have looked at asrock, gigabyte, msi, and obviously asus. Can someone recommend one to me that meets these specs?
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  1. Here's one: I use biostar in both my systems. I've had no more issues than when running asus or gigabyte.
  2. thanks man, looks like a good board for the money. I am a little worried that the ram slots are too close to the cpu with my big ass heat sink. i think im going to go with the MSI P67A-GD53(B3).

    any1 have experience with this board?
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