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Computer wont boot

i recently installed windows 7 on my old windows xp pc and used my portable hard drive with windows easy transfer to store all my old documents and photos, then once I transferred it over to the updated OS it prompted me to restart the pc. I then restarted and haven'r been able to boot the pc since. I can get to the screen where it says press DEL for bios but I press that and then it says "preparing to enter setup" and stays there.
Here are two images where it gets stuck.
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    well the second pic shows some weird screen corruption where it is trying to ID the drive connected to IDE 0 channel slave...

    Try unplugging your optical drive and see if it boots?

    I am assuming it is not a raid 0 array or anything...
  2. have you set the jumper pins on the hard drives in the right postions, the drive you want to boot as the master and the other as the slave
  3. disconnect your external Hard Drive. when it boots press F12 and it will bring you to a boot menu... tell it to boot from the hard drive... if that works, you may need to go into your BIOS and change the boot order...

    if that doesnt work disconnect your internal HD... try booting to BIOS.. if it boots fine and enters BIOS fine, then you may have a Dead Hard Drive(the reason it sits at 'entering bios screen' is because it's trying to detect the Hard Drive and cant...
  4. Thanks for all the help and support. I unplugged the optical drive and the system booted fine, i then restarted and changed the boot setting from cd rom to hard drive and it works perfectly now. Thanks again for all your help
  5. You are very welcome, we all like to help out when people have need and are sufficiently able to communicate their issues. It is nice that you put in the effort to post those pics as it really helped narrow down the issue.

    I sometimes get sick of people saying pretty much "my pc broke, fix it pls". It is like a herculean task to help some people, with you it was more something fun to do/ponder at my desk at lunch.
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