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New HDMI cable, screen resolution not full screen

Hi all,
Once again I need your expertise here at Toms. I thought I had seen an answer to this question back when I was researching my new system, but cant find it now.
My system specs are listed in my profile, but in general, I have an ATI XFX 5850 card, And a 23" Auria Monitor. I recently bought the cable to run it at HDMI instead of DVI. Why? I thought the grafix might be a smidge better yet. Untill I just read they are the same except for audio. (so much for know it all friends) Anyway. Running in HDMI now, my monitor isn't full screen. I have a 1" black border around it.
I set the adjustment on the monitor for HDMI, and the resolution inWindows. It should all be running at 1920x1080. So far, only Modern Warfare 2 expanded the screen to full size. Its not in the background setting either. I havent found a way to tweak the grafix card that way......I am wondering if its the piece of junk monitor brand. Windows is showing it as a plug and play, hence it would use a general driver for that. Auria doesnt have any drivers. Heck their website is worthless in general. Teach me to buy cheap.
Does this sound "logical" to anyone else?
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  2. AWESOME!!!!, Thank you ever so much. It worked. I am still new to higher end grafix cards. Learning to adjust them is also part of this new systems learning experience. (I did undervolting and overclocking too) I know. The 5850 isnt exactly a higher end card anymore, but it sure pooped on that 9500gt it replaced.
    All my research for this system was done between here at Toms and Neweggs reviews (and some manufacturer sites-not many)And the parts were ordered from Newegg.
    Thanks again.
  3. Glad I could help. Sounds like you are really enjoying your rig
  4. Yes I am. Its my first ground up build. Friends think I'm nuts, but I am learning. Getting older and more curious. Read about overclocking and had to build a system to learn it on. In time would like to try crossfire and see the difference first hand as well. Heck, if I ever feel rich I'd even like to try a 3-24" monitor setup.
    My system is what is (AMD is my affordable choice) because of the info I found here at Toms. I researched everythng from power supply single or multiple rails, to memory, Mobos, proccessors, (BE's to be precise). I waited for the crosshair 4 to come out before making my choice. The 4 was WAY to much for my first build. The undervolting experiments were interresting. I had it down to 1.0875 volts on the cpu at 3.2 ghz prime 95 stable. Actually it ran at 1.0750v but BFBC2 crashed. Then in overclocking, I couldnt get past 3.8ghz without a heat problem, but it ran stable at 1.350v which is stock voltage for the Phenom II 955. I found this testing a whole lotta fun and educational. Ovrclkr helped me a great deal with the overclocking part as he has the same motherboard and cpu, just his cpu is the C2, mines a C3
    If you'r einterrested, heres the link to my readings:

    Need to learn more about settings on the grafix card next though. I know there isnt much I can do with this one. But I want to learn the differences with the texture filterings, and anti aliasing, and all that good stuff 3DMARK06 lists. I havent started researching yet. Have all winter when I'm layed off.
    Thanks again
  5. Definitely is fun!
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