Silverstone or Lian Li?

I currently own an Antec 902 and will be upgrading my case on 4/1. I like both the Fortess2w (silverstone) and the pc-fib (lian li). I'm completely up in the air. If the lian li I will be adding the full panel window side panel w-65bt as well. I want it to be durable and easy to work with (I constantly upgrade/replace). Price is not involved with my decision. I am keeping and modding the 902 but this new case will be for my "main" computer.
The fortress seems to have a better thermal solution. Isn't really toolless and you have to remove the side panel to clean the fan filters. The case is unibody and seems to have a durability that the Li's may lack.
The Lian Li is completely toolless and easy to 1.5 mills seems flimsy. I would have to add a 140mm to this case as I do some overclocking on air. The feature set (for me) wins out hands down but as I've never owned a Li b4 I question the durability.
I do NOT want recommendations for a 2000.00 case with watercooling. It's between these 2. Any comments by owners of EITHER case would be much appreciated. Any cunstructive arguments for/against would also be highly sought after.

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  2. How constantly is "constantly"?

    If you change hardware every 6 months then, IMO, that's not constantly and your case choice should be determined by airflow, flexibility and build quality.

    If by constantly you mean weekly, then I wouldn't get a case at all and go for an open-air test bench, or maybe an Antec Skeleton.

    Regarding your two case choices, I'm a real sucker for the Silverstone Fortress 2 and unless you're using a super crazy GPU setup I think it just knocks the spots off of everything else out there - aesthetics, function, flexibility, everything.

    I think Lian Li are stagnant, uninspiring, overpriced and somewhat missing the point with certain models.
  3. I would say twice a month. Cooling is better in a positive pressure case than open air not gonna link it but it is well documented. I am a smoker as well. Part of the upgrade has to do with ease of filter cleaning. The 902 has filters but requires the removal of 8 thumbscrews minimum. The fortress only require's 2 but the lian li is a simple pull the cover off(no screws) and wash filters. I whole heartedly agree lian li is stagnant but the things they DO have are well thought out and well executed. For my gpu's I run dual 4770's atm and will be upgrading to dual 5970's 5/5 which will kind of crowd the Fortress. The hot swap vis a vis Silverstone is nice but I've heard both good and bad about it and again it's far from toolless. The toolless li would be just as fast with an added 5/15 stashed on the far side of the case. I suppose I'm really looking for (hopefully) an owner of each that can give fair and honest assessments. The fortress's main appeal to me has nothing to do with any case features(the only truly notable being the 90 degree board) but more with durability. It's not toolless has odd sized fans that are for the most part proprietary and while the cabling system(outer)is definitely cutting edge it is not going to work with all manufacturer's(for me it isn't a problem)case in point someone may need an dvi to vga adaptor also certain cables may need to be longer depending on where you keep your tower(mine is on a desktop so I would have to accomadate by having longer cables or having the tower closer). Let me rephrase my question as I seem to have had the situation made more clear to me by LePhuronn's championing of the Silverstone cause.
    Does the Lian hold up to pretty much constant tinkering? I had a very bad experience with an aluminum case once upon a time(paid 500 for it and stripped a screw hole out on the initial install). This is the only true question. The Li toolless design is the best out there (bar none) by any review. The ease with which the filters are accessed/maintained is better than anything I've seen. Will it hold up? I'd rather deal with the Silverstone's lack of user friendliness if it will stand the test of time.
    Many thanks to Lephuronn for clarifying my question to the only person it really matters(myself).
  4. Just got a Lian-Li and it is far from flimsy...
    Have no experience with Silverstone, but I really don't need to. Lian Li cases are awesome.
  5. Thank you Sel. One for Li being solid.
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    Well I have two Lian-Li cases (PC A70f and PC A77f) and one Silverstone case (Raven RV02).. So let me list some pointers based on my experience with them -

    1. Li's were the most easiest to work with.. Installing the PSU in the SS was a big pain..

    2. The cable management options with the Li's are more charming compared to the SS.. In other words, the build inside the Li looks more neater..

    3. The SS is better with thermals and noise levels..

    4. Aesthetics are personal.. For me, the Li's look better but that is comparing only the cases I have.. The FT02 is surely much better looking.. Build quality is consistent with both brands i.e. excellent..
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  8. Lian Li it is thank you all who responded.
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