Antec 300 pic

does that look bad? theres not really anywhere to route the cables so i had them clattered on the side and the only way to access the sata ports is through the back panel because i cant get my hands passed those wires.

modular psu cables are a bit long

cpu full load 40-41c
idle 29-30c

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  1. Your temperatures aren't bad nothing to worry about but yeah in terms of aesthetics that looks pretty horrible :D
  2. Does is look bad? Yes, but as your temps shows, it still works pretty well.

    What I did when I put together my office PC, also in an Antec 300, was to remove both side panels for easy access, and then route all cables to the back (side of the motherboard), and attaching them on the side of the drive cage, as per its design.
    Doing the cable routing this way will give you a nice clean look and a good front to back airflow path.
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