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IDk if this is in the right section butttt.............

I am looking at buying a monitor for my current build ( see sig for system specs) i want a 24" monitor. I know blah blah blah cheap and good like the usual but i think i found one i like it has a 10million : 1 contrast ratio and is $219 its an ASUS. Is it a good quality monitor or do you guys recomend something else??

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  1. Yes, that's a good monitor, it's LED and has 2ms response time also many good reviews, so go for that monitor IF you are really on tight budget... :)
  2. Two options from BenQ.. Check out the VW2420H and V2410T.. Oh btw, that Asus monitor is not bad either..
  3. ill look into it...

    any other suggestions??
  4. i think your monitor of choice is a REALLY good deal. lets just hope the shipping wont ruin it.(if your planning to buy) :)
  5. it shouldn't.... i have ordered countless items from NEWEGG and not one has been ruined by shipping....but isince it is a 24" monitor i will purchase the shipping insurance if it available just in case :lol:
  6. good idea :D
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