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What is the best gaming video card I can buy for $300-$400? As well as a CPU for it, that brings it to it's potential? Thanks.
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  1. Nevermind sorry, I didn't realize there were articles on GPU's, nor did I see the pinned topic on how to ask for help.
  2. I already saw that, thanks anyways.
  3. I do not know what MOBO too .........?
  4. hi there , let me break it down for ya ... do you really NEED a 300 or 400 dollar video card ? i mean right now there are only a handfull of games that could barely be maxed it with the new HD 6870 .... go to gamespot or IGN and search in the PC section for new games that are coming out within the next year , their almost all PC ports , which means that a graphics card from the HD 4000 series could run those games ...

    it's like this , the graphics card techology is advancing , but the video games themself are not ....

    what do you need a 400 dollar graphics card when there won't be any games to use it on for the next two years ..

    my advice get a HD 6850 and you'll be set for the next five years at least ..
  5. Or you could wait out for Nvidia's solution come early 2011........if you really want.
  6. How long do have until you buy a video card? Might want to wait for the 6970 as it is likely that it will release @ $400.00-ish, or at least from what i'm reading it will release at the same price point as the 5870 when it originally came out...

    Another option is to get 2 x GTX 460 1GB for SLI (if applicable)

    As for CPU's to support either of the above...

    AMD: Phenom II x4 955 or better
    Intel: i5 750 or better

    those will basically give you near-full potential for CPU support...
  7. All I need is a quad-core processor, a video card(or 2 maybe in crossfire or something,) some RAM, and a motherboard, as well as a Power supply unit. I already have a case, HDD, Optical Drive, and monitor chosen.

    I'm not sure what my budget is on the GPU, CPU, RAM, and Motherboard are yet. But I'll know soon.
  8. I'll be buying the stuff by the end of November hopefully.
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