What to do with old ram ?

Hi Folks
What do you do with that old ram ? , i have a box full of the stuff and am wondering what i could
use it with, obviously look for others whos pc can use it but are there other peripherals out there
that can use ram from defunct machines etc

Dav ;) e
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  1. Give it to Arthur Weasley. He loves muggle stuff.

    Otherwise, try selling them or giving them away or just dispose it responsibly.

    Too bad that you are not in Adelaide. Or else I would go and pick up a few sticks for my older systems.
  2. Shame i didnt keep the really old stuff that came my way a few years back
    It came from a box of Ibm spares that were being held by a old admin i used to
    know :cry:

    Dav ;) e
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