blue screened and tried to fix myself. recovery console cd only boots as far as
command prompt. no bios settings anymore either. played around in command prompt and cant get it to chkdsk or reformat or fixboot. all i wanted to do is reinstall with the 11 disks of recovery. cant read nonsystem disk or diskboot failure , insert system disk press enter
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  1. ive tried every bootable disks known to man. xp home loads normally but when i hit enter it just blue screens withsetupdd.sys or stop 0x0000008e, or 0x00000050.tried to reformat and repartition but command prompt said cannot reformat removable media. and in diskpart listed one innaccessable drive and when i keyed up to the other drive it blue screened with the page fault in nonpaged area
  2. Could be hardware. Please list your specs.
  3. compaq sr1303wm 1.19 gig ram 2.0ghtz processor xp home edition sp3 fireball3maxtor 2f040lo vam51jj0 ata/133 hdd 40gig amd semphron 3000+ ddr333 liteon combo sohc-4832k opk3 cr-4804te 2.6c phoenix bios v6.00pg
  4. this what your looking for?
  5. also one cd says cant access eula, another says biosinfo.ini is corrupt or missing and another is acs. (cant remember if it was dll or what)
    something is corrupt or missing
  6. thanks anyways fellas. I used to say any help is better than no help. now, when talking about this site I say any help could be a waste of time.
  7. 1st. Its a Compaq = Junk
    2nd Maxtor Fireball harddrive = Junk
    3rd AMD Sempron = Junk

    Buy a new Computer.
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    did you add anything new to this computer?
    It sounds like your BIOS battery might have gone dead..which means that if you're not familiar with setting up the bios you should take it to where you bought the machine from...
    Other than that...I don't like off-the shelf systems because they give you very little options for self repair or diagnostics..
  9. hmph... well it sounds like this problem happens frequently. check your hardware, preferably your ram. remove the ram sticks one at a time and testing them, then removing the harddrive and different parts to see if something is at fault. sounds like a hardware issue to me, so doing this might help.
  10. On a computer this old the chances are that the power supply has gone faulty. Substitution is the best test for a faulty power supply. If the fault is not the power supply then I would try a memory test program such as memtest86. If the memory proves to be good then the next most likely cause is a faulty motherboard but given the age of the system it may not be economic to fix. You can also try resetting the CMOS memory.
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  12. thanks john, I wiggled the batt. and christian. I removed the memory, and during these processes had to remove the power cord. Now, it has taken the reinstallation cd and is booting it. so, I thank you all and appreciate all the time you have taken to help me. I could not have done it with out you all. Thanks a million. As for you joker, go to hell. I know its junk, and they all know its junk, so quit trying to make yourself look smart,you aint!
  13. Well thanks alot for the praise and words of gratification....We're here to help that's what we love to do and please don't look negatively on Tom's Hardware site for the inapropriate words of others as this is an open site.
    I'm glad the advice we gave did help you get back up and running.....
    Thanks again...JQ
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