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Hey everyone, going to be making a whole new computer soon and was wondering if anyone could recommend a gaming case that is pretty quiet but still maintains good cooling.

I have the Antec 900 and it is pretty loud sometimes and its massive, looking for something a little smaller and less flashy.

Any recommendations would be great. Looking to spend about $50-60 for case or up to $100 if it comes with a PSU of atleast 550W.

Also, this is what my build is going to look like. Any comments on that would be great too.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955
RAM: GSkill Ripjaw 4GB DDR3 1333
MB: ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 (still looking)
Video: GTX 460 (only thing I am keeping from my old build)
Case / PSU: Looking still, trying to get both for around $100 or a little more

Paying about $400ish for the whole thing and saved about $200 for keeping my old video card. It's just a budget gaming rig.
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  1. The 900 is a good case. I don't find it that loud. Maybe you should try running the fans at the lowest speeds?

    As far as other cases go, going cheap isn't going to get you something quieter. Also, gaming cases are pretty much all going to be "flashy". I can't really think of one that doesn't have LEDs. The other problem is that to maintain low temperatures, fans need to run. That means more noise. You can't really get both good cooling and low noise. You can get a balance, but that's what cases like the Antec 900 do.

    The best cases in the range you've given (NEVER buy a case with a PSU, unless it's an Antec, and those will run well over $100), you're looking at the Rosewill Destroyer, Rosewill Challenger, HAF 912, Antec 300 (or 300 Illusion) or possibly the Coolermaster 690. Or you could check out anything from Lian Li. However, you've already got a great case.

    EDIT: On the rest of the build:

    Mobo: ASRock 870 Extreme3. Don't bother paying more for anything else, or paying less and getting less. The 79XTD EVO is a good board (it's the one I'm using right now), but it's older and has been surpassed in the budget/value arena.
    PSU: Any 550W from Corsair, SeaSonic, Antec, or Silverstone. Or if you're planning on replacing the GPU for something from ATI (or AMD) in order to be able to do a dual GPU build, I'd get a 750W from the same brands, with the addition of XFX (they don't make anything smaller than 650W).
  2. Thanks for the reply, I do have all the fans on low except for one that I couldn't reach so I didn't bother with it, but I will try to change it. I have it on a desk right next to me so maybe that is why I feel it is loud, maybe I should try putting it on the floor.
  3. I have a Coolermaster HAF 912 case which is fairly stealthy. I replaced all of the stock fans (including the fan on my Coolermaster 212+ CPU cooler) with Scythe 120mm SFF12E models, and now my computer is really quiet. I highly recommend these fans.
  4. I own a Lian Li Lancool PCK62 and its really nice. All the stock fans are really quite and 3 of them have blue LEDs. It's a great deal if you get it on sale for $80.
  5. Don't buy a new case you already have a good one if you don't like the fan noise just swap the fans it will be cheaper than buying a whole new case
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