ATI 5770 Eyefinity can't get 3rd monitor working

Giabyte GA-M61SME motherbaord, i5 2.8 Gz processor, with 4GB DDR3 ram, ATI 5770 1MB card. Windows XP 32

2 X DVI out into 2 monitors
1 X Display Port - with passive display port to VGA adaptor - into 1 monitor (VGA input)
Using 3 X 21.5 acer monitors (they have either DVI or VGA input set to auto-detect)

All 3 monitors work, no problem, however in Catalyst CC it will not enable the 3rd monitor. I can swap all 3 monitors around, and they all work, but still only have any 2 monitors enabled at any one time.

Have installed latest Catalyst CC driver (the XP 32 version of CCC seems to more basic that a lot of the tutorail versions on the net). Have checked forums/YouTube and cannnot find an answer to this problem.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated - I am hanging out to get the 3 monitors working and go flying!
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  1. I would go for one of the more expensive displayport adapters. Around $100. Hope you can find a cheaper solution though.
  2. Basically eyefinity works like this the card can put out either 2 DVI signals or 1 DVI and one HDMI the third signal must be from the display port on the card its a total pain but its the way it works

    now why u can't just shove an adapter into the display port. adapters bassically ask for the signal type they are changing into. don't now why or how itt works but that is my understanding.

    Now you need an active display port which instead of asking the card for a different signal changes the signal itself.

    heres a link that may help just make sure it is ACTIVE or it won't work
  3. Thanks for all the comments, appreciate the assistance.. I just ordered the Sapphire Displayport to DVI Active Adaptor It was not expensive, just got to wait until its delivered. (the new ones do not come with the USB connector for power).
    I really hope it works - will post updated once received.
  4. I've just ordered one of those as well, after my dual link one broke.

    I think a lot of these issues come from the dual link adaptors tbh.
  5. The Sapphire Displayport to DVI active adaptor arrived today (eyes all happy) then plugged in and guess what - SAME PROBLEM! (all sad)

    Can get all 3 monitors to work, can swap all around great but still only recognizes 2 monitors at any one time (In CCC won't let me enable 3rd monitor - also in windows on show 2 monitors).

    (have tried the passive and now the active adaptor, also booting up with all 3 monitors connected and also, booting up with 2 DVI monitors connected and then connecting the displayport monitor, does not make an difference). Also just re-installed CCC - nothing seems to make any difference - only 2 monitors at one time.

    (The strange thing is there are lots of YouTube tutorials out there that show just connecting with my set up works?)

    I am getting the feeling that 3 monitors on eyefinity is not compatable with XP. Couple of hreads suggested it not no one is sure.

    Any suggestions would be great (I think I am going mad!).
  6. not sure if this is completely relevent or helps but...
  7. jongko said:
    not sure if this is completely relevent or helps but...

    Great YouTube video, funny, too bad it did not help . . . . . . . I am not going to kill myself now . . (at least other poeple have the same problems, lets start a recovery workshop/self-help/personal awarenss group for eyfinity users)
  8. UPDATE - went and bought a copy of Windows 7 (64bit) and installed, then loaded FSX up.

    All 3 monitors work fine now in Eyefinity.

    It appears a 3 monitor Eyefinity setup will not work on XP. (I wish the manufacturer would of made this point clear and avoided a lot grief).

    Although there is an CCC download for XP, it will only handle 2 monitors at any one time.

    Finally got it going - 3 X 21.5' monitors is amazing to fly with!

    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions :pt1cable:
  9. I have a Windows 7 64 bit system with three monitors and a hd5770. I bought an active displayport adapter from newegg and can use all three monitors but I cannot create a single desktop for gaming. Any any ideas.
    Computer: Alienware Aurora, i7 920, with 6 GB RAM.
  10. Do you have a 'Active' display port adapter?

    I have a very similar hardware/software set-up to you, yours should work. I have all 3 screens as one desktop space (mostly for flight sim).

    Also, download the latest CCC edition.

    Good luck. :hello:
  11. dual link is for "30" or larger screen in eyefinity. u must get and ACTIVE adapter. hdmi will not work for eyefinity. it must b dvi dvi dp u can use any adapters but they must be active
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