Flight Simulator X Budget Build (FSX)

it is 1.5.2011 and so technology has pushed forward. I would like to build a computer for FSX with a 500-600 budget. No need for monitor, speakers, etc. However, what would you recommend for very high quality performance? I know FSX is more CPU limited than GPU limited, and I *do not* play other games, it would only be for FSX. New build or prebuild is OK. Thank you!!
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  1. $500-$600? Including purchasing WIndows? and GPU, and hard/DVD drives, and memory?? and power supply?

    Such a budget seems to demand the lower costing AMD x3/Phenom X4, and some sort of mid range graphics card; I'd have to review the impact of assorted GPUs on FSX performance before recommending one.

    BUt you certainly won't be assembling any i7-980/X58 based systems, cpu for which currently runs...$990 retail ; mainboard, $250 and up.....
  2. Hey I've got an Intel Core Dou E-8400 and 4 GB of 1066 OCZ ram with a BFG GTS250 graphics card and I run FSX @1900x1200 with no problems.
    I've completed most of the missions with no slowing or glitches just need more free time to fly!
    You can still get a E8400 or 8500 fairly cheap and the mobo I'm using is the Gigabyte Ga-ep45-ud3l which is cheap to buy.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah the E-8400 and 4GB of 1066 OCZ ram sounds good. I'll think about that.

    Do you see any computers on Newegg.com that would be good, say in the 500-750 range? Thanks again.
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