15 650 and sli

hi im new to computers and was wondering if it is possible to run sli on a I5 650 if i were to purchase a msi big bang motherboard?
i currently have one pny 470 gpu and i want to get another but is it even worth with my current processor?will it bottleneck?
i recently bought the asus cg5275, i slapped the card in and bought 16gigs of ram....was this overkill?
im trying to build a good machine for gaming while using as many parts from the asus as i can,my budget is about 1k.
so far i think im going to need a new case,mobo,and possibly processor.
ty in advance for your time:)
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  1. You bought 16gb of ram.Talk about wasting money.I am not sure wheather it can be done or not 470 and 460 sli.But it can be done with radeon cards.

    I5 650 is a dual core cpu but comes with a fast clock.So you willnot face any bottleneck in games which uses 2 cores.Same thing cannot be said if you play games supporting 3 or 4 cores.[/quotnot sure if its sli i just mean 2gpus, dont know if there is a differemce..thanks for the response:)
  2. o ok i see LOL my bad..thx again
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