New system small problem, please help

Edit: the post with "This is what I sent Gigabyte in a tech question" is the most relevent information at this point (near the bottom)

I ordered all new parts because my last motherboard died.
every part is new besides the video card
when i try to get my computer to post without the hd and video card or even with both it does 3 long (im not sure but all decent same length) beeps and it sounds as if it stops then restarts right after (gpu fan spins up agian as if it first turns on) then does the same 3 beeps and repeats.

only the power button is connected.
tried different arrangements of the new ram in slots.
tired onboard (without the videocard in) and from my videocard (fully seated)
tried 2 different power supplys

every time same 3 beeps (wierd restart thing) 3 more beeps. repeat repeat

EDIT: I connected the red (power) and green (hdd power) leds and the red flashes right when it starts up then turns off for about half a second then flashes and turns off - then when the 3 (short i think) beeps finish and it restarts.. the red led does the same thing - so i think it's a power issue, ive connected the 8 pin 12v (AUX?) to the cpu power, and the 24pin to the motherboard, the 2 6 pins to the power supply and 2 power things to the 2 hds - did i forget something?????

NOTE: the manual says it long repeating beeps means videocard isnt seated right
short repeating beeps is power problem
and there's nothing for 3 long beeps (nothing more than 2 long beeps is in the manual)

I followed all the suggestions and troubleshooting from the PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition (normal 3.4ghz clock)
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 SDRAM 1333 (PC3 10666)
GPU:MSI nVidia n260GTX (needs 136 watts at max
PSU:Antech 650w Earthwatts
HD: 250gb 7200rpm mediamax
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  1. I know this isnt really any help but three long beeps should be a keyboard error. I feel stupid even suggesting this but since its an easy thing to do, try plugging your keyboard into another usb port. Or try a different board. I doubt this will fix anything, but if I was having the issue I would try it, then never admit it to anyone.
  2. ty, it's possible but i think i tried it without the keyboard too, ill try it
  3. tried it with 2 different keyboards and a usb keyboard - also 1 long 3 short is a keyboard error, im getting 3 short * restart * 3 short *restart* 3 short , repeating - should be power error.. i hooked up my power supply that was on my old computer that wasnt very good before i got my new psu and probably caused the board to short - also same beep code when testing with that, before i got this psu
  4. going to rma the board now ill post back when i get the new board v.v
  5. only 8 pin for cpu and 20+4pin for mb - nothing besides cpu hsf motherboard and psu plugged in.. still doing repeating short beeps - im not sure how long long beeps are though, but it's pretty long

    the beeps are 2 seconds long each
  6. If it were me I'd call the MB Mfg tech support and see what they say. Could be power phase on MB I guess, you say the beeps are power related and it does it with another PSU, so.....
  7. well i turn on the computer, it starts and the power led flicks twice, then 3x 2s beeps, then the power led flicks twice then 3x 2s beeps and repeating - so it's not a ram problem, it's not a psu problem, not a cpu problem (only things connected) then it either got fried from the worse power supply that might have fried my last motherboard or it's somehow faulty - i just think doing rma will solve it.. and if it doesnt i have no ******* idea other than to rma the new antech 650w earthwatt.. cause i dont see how it's cpu related and those are the only things plugged in..
  8. Dude I wish I had an answer for you. I still would call tech and see if they might know something. every now and then someone smart and helpful answers the phone.
  9. im starting to think the cpu from other peoples problems (different motherboard different problem) but the actuall connecters to the motherboard power could be bad or faulty.. some other opinions or people posthing plz
  10. Goko said:
    only 8 pin for cpu and 20+4pin for mb - nothing besides cpu hsf motherboard and psu plugged in.. still doing repeating short beeps - im not sure how long long beeps are though, but it's pretty long

    the beeps are 2 seconds long each

    2 - 3 second beeps are long beeps. What you are describing is normal for only a CPU and PSU.

    Work systematically through our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
    I mean work through, not just read over it. We spent a lot of time on this. It should find most of the problems.

    If not, continue.

    I have tested the following beep patterns on Gigabyte, eVGA, and ECS motherboards. Other BIOS' may be different, but they all use a single short beep for a successful POST.

    Breadboard - that will help isolate any kind of case problem you might have.

    Breadboard with just motherboard, CPU & HSF, case speaker, and PSU.

    Make sure you plug the CPU power cable in. The system will not boot without it.

    I always breadboard a new build. It takes only a few minutes, and you know you are putting good parts in the case once you are finished.

    You can turn on the PC by momentarily shorting the two pins that the case power switch goes to. You should hear a series of long, single beeps indicating memory problems. Silence indicates a problem with (in most likely order) the PSU, motherboard, or CPU. Remember, at this time, you do not have a graphics card installed so the load on your PSU will be reduced.

    If no beeps:
    Running fans and drives and motherboard LED's do not necessarily indicate a good PSU. In the absence of a single short beep, they also do not indicate that the system is booting.

    At this point, you can sort of check the PSU. Try to borrow a known good PSU of around 550 - 600 watts. That will power just about any system with a single GPU. If you cannot do that, use a DMM to measure the voltages. Measure between the colored wires and either chassis ground or the black wires. Yellow wires should be 12 volts. Red wires: +5 volts, orange wires: +3.3 volts, blue wire : -12 volts, violet wire: 5 volts always on. Tolerances are +/- 5% except for the -12 volts which is +/- 10%.

    The gray wire is really important. It should go from 0 to +5 volts when you turn the PSU on with the case switch. CPU needs this signal to boot.

    You can turn on the PSU by completely disconnecting the PSU and using a paperclip or jumper wire to short the green wire to one of the neighboring black wires.

    A way that might be easier is to use the main power plug. Working from the back of the plug where the wires come out, use a bare paperclip to short between the green wire and one of the neighboring black wires. That will do the same thing with an installed PSU. It is also an easy way to bypass a questionable case power switch.

    This checks the PSU under no load conditions, so it is not completely reliable. But if it can not pass this, it is dead. Then repeat the checks with the PSU plugged into the computer to put a load on the PSU.

    If the system beeps:
    If it looks like the PSU is good, install a memory stick. Boot. Beep pattern should change to one long and several short beeps indicating a missing graphics card.

    Silence, long single beeps, or series of short beeps indicate a problem with the memory. If you get short beeps verify that the memory is in the appropriate motherboard slots.

    Insert the video card and connect any necessary PCIe power connectors. Boot. At this point, the system should POST successfully (a single short beep). Notice that you do not need keyboard, mouse, monitor, or drives to successfully POST.
    At this point, if the system doesn't work, it's either the video card or an inadequate PSU. Or rarely - the motherboard's PCIe interface.

    Now start connecting the rest of the devices starting with the monitor, then keyboard and mouse, then the rest of the devices, testing after each step. It's possible that you can pass the POST with a defective video card. The POST routines can only check the video interface. It cannot check the internal parts of the video card.
  11. well if you read what i posted you'd see that ive tried booting it with a video card, with a hd with 2 ram, 1 ram combination of all and 1 at a time .. so if it's long beeps repeating im going to see if a plug is messed up on the f_panel.. but if it's long beeps repeating then it's something about a graphics card which isnt plugged in.. it has onboard graphics.. ill try to breadboard

    and ya i also looked at the post about troubleshooting your system that wont post
  12. my current thought is that i inserted the graphics card - pretend it's bad for now - and tried to boot and it says (long repeating beeps) graphics card isnt inserted properly.. so now im resetting cmos by removing the battery to see if it will go back to onboard video (already tried shorting the 2 pins with a jumper (only 2 pins on cmos not 3)
  13. I'd first try onboard graphics, no PCI-e board, no drives, one stick of mem in first slot (frquently furthest slot from CPU)....

    (Perhaps onboard must be disabled in BIOS before can try PCI-e graphics...?)
  14. yes ive tried everything to do with video card and onboard.. it seems to be a CPU to motherboard problem. people using a 1075t + Phenom II x6 seem to be having the same problem i am but nobody with a 965BE.. the way they fixed it was QFlashing to the latest bios with a different processor v.v which i dont have.. im going to try to borrow my brothers flash drive and install the qflash on it and update with the same cpu in there.. hopefully it'll boot but i ******* doubt it.. ill either have to rma and HOPE it works with the next one, or buy a AM3 cheap cpu and qflash it with that in.. atleast im somewhat onto the problem
  15. This is what I sent Gigabyte in a tech question

    "Product Info
    * Product Line : Motherboard
    * Model Name : GA-890GPA-UD3H(rev. 2.1)
    * M/B Rev : 2.1
    * BIOS Ver : N/A
    Serial No. : Purchase Dealer :
    System Configuration
    VGA Brand : MSI Model : N260GTX
    CPU Brand : AMD Model : 965BE Speed : 3.4ghz
    Operation System : Win XP SP : 3
    Memory Brand : G.Skill Type : SDRAM
    Memory Size : 2gb x 2 Speed : 1333
    Power Supply : 650 W

    I tried to assemble my system while being grounded. The motherboard was properly installed and when I turned it on I recieved Long continuous beeps indicating that the graphics card isnt properly seated (which it is). I then tried clearing the CMOS and tried onboard video. Same beep code. I then cleared the CMOS by removing the battery for 10 minutes. Started it up, still the same beep code (3 Long beeps, then computer restarts and 3 more long beeps, and it keeps repeating that process) Im pretty sure the ram graphics card and processor are good, what do I do? RMA? Apperently other people that bought the same board from newegg are having problems with the phenom II x6 core but Im using a x4

    "The board is great. Sturdy, fast, good looking, nice IGP. 890 chipset is boss.
    Ok so for those of you about to order this board for your new Phenom ii 1090t... When I first fired it up, I was getting sets of three long beep codes and no visual. This isn't the graphics card, like it says in the gigabyte manual. This was a mobo that needed qflashed. To fix it, I simply put in my roomate's old x3 445 cpu, fired it up, downloaded the latest bios update to a usb, flashed it, pulled out the x3 and dropped in my 1090t. Had it running for 5 days straight on 33 degrees C with stock cooler. Worst case scenario: get the cheapest Sempron cpu ($35) to do the update. Best case: it fires up the first time and you don't have to update. 5 eggs for being top notch now..."

    " i got it all together and then i got 3 long beeps. after lots of reseating components and reading the manual and still no luck i filed for an rma ( witch would have been bad because this was supposed to be christmas gift) the board would not post with the memory in the first dimm. just 3 long beeps. long story short i saw a post in the reviews here that gave me an idea about the memory controller (im sorry i cant remember the poster but thank you anyways) so i went and got the most recent bios and updated it with qflash. it worked and ran prime 95 for hour to test stability. passed
    cpu: phenom II x6 1075t"

    do i have to buy a cheap AM3 CPU to QFlash the bios to a updated version? Or do I RMA the board to Newegg as nobody with 965 BE cpus are having this problem that have posted"

    currently thinking of RMAing the CPU AND motherboard just to cover both "bases" sound like a good idea? everyone else with 965BE and this motherboard said it fired right up :cry:
  16. i really thought i checked this but when i was unhooking the hsf and cpu to take it to USP i noticed the corner of the cpu sticking up.............. DERP <.< the reason why i didnt check again is cause i dont have more thermal paste but ill be ordering some today and everythings ok except i have do do a fresh install of windows 7 and the dvd drive doesnt like the cd apperently because nothings showing up after it "press any key to boot from cd" just a _

    ty all but it seems it was MY fault ><
  17. Happy you were able to find the issue. I was thinking about asking if you set the CPU correctly, but didn't cause you were getting pretty CRANKY bro.
    Anyway I learned a lot tracking the threads and so did you, so all is not lost
  18. any info learned in the quest is valuable
  19. ya so to add to the motherboards manual the "continuous long beeps" mean CPU isnt seated properly AND/OR the video card isnt seated properly - dumb gigabyte :[
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