I need some major advice

Im sorry if im post in the wrong place. Anywho I have a few questions. First off im going to build me a new computer because my compter is so outdated and its making me angry. My current computer is an emachines W5032 with 2gb ram that i added, 1.9 ghz single core processor and a 8400gs card by nivida. Yeah its pretty sad compared to todays standards. So heres what I have gotten so far for my new build(Im was on a tight budget when i ordered this stuff)

~AMD Athlon II x2 255 3.1GHz 2mb catche(so mad cuz i could have got a 4 core instead for 40 extra bucks but i was thinking about the money issue and decided if i wanted to upgrade later i could and just get the 6 core)

~Asus M4A88T-M Motherboard(I like micro ATX so i got this board, was kinda mad cuz i could have got the usb 3.0 model but im not worried about it)

~Kingston 2Gb DDR3 1333MHz( Ill get 2-4 more Gb of ram later when i have the money)

~Corsair CX600w Power Supply

~And an new computer chassis( Mid-Case )

So as i said at the top i got the athlon ll x2 255. I got it cuz it was only like 80 dollars and i was on a budget but im kinda mad cuz i feel like i should have got like a 4 core or 6 core. I mean yeah i can upgrade later on but i kinda wanna go ahead and sell the x2 255 and put the money towards a x4 or x6. I wanna play most of the new games that come out but not all of them. iv heard that the 255 is a very good duel core. i fell like iv hit a wall and dunno what to do. Should i keep it and get a beast gpu and save then get a 6 core( i hear some 4 core out preform 6 core cuz you can unlock the x4 core easier.) I love the mother board i got alot. Its just trying to sell the x2 255 cuz i dont wanna do all the ebay crap and shipping it and this and that cuz its brand new not even opened. i just need some advice on what would be a good choice...

btw im trying to to complain to much because my computer now just flat out be happy with the amd athlon ll x2 255 compared to this 1.9 single core that cant even run fallout 3 lol

I see that on the fallout 3 benchmarks the x2 255 almost beat the x3 and x4 on 1680x1050 on max settings...oh and im not going for crazy resolution only 1024x768 will be what i play at....

think these are good benchmarks for it? Id just be happy to play any of these games...and they are playing them maxed out on the 255...
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    I don't think you need 'major advice' --- maybe a better 'general understanding' that will help you going forward.

    At lower resolutions (like 1024x768) your gaming will be more dependent upon the CPU. Notice the lower frame rates on your link? BUT ...

    As you move up in resolution, your GPU will become more of a factor (again ... note your link). This is where your 8400gs will really start holding you back. Not a problem because I think you understand that. You got a new 600w PSU that will handle any video card you throw at it in the next few years.

    As far as your CPU - "It is what it is"

    At your price point the X3 Rana would have been a better choice (you understand that, too) but as your link also demonstrates, the X2 255 can hold its own against the X3 --- and that gets to the 'crux' of this discussion. For the most part, a fast dual core in the majority of games will work 'just dandy'

    Of course, there are games that will be an exception, but if the CPU can handle the majority of games that you wish to play, why sweat it? When you feel like you are being held back by the CPU, you may invest $30 in a cooler and clock that X2 255 to 15x250MHz. No problem (or less of a 'problem', anyway). Any when you are ready to make another big leap on your CPU, you can move that $30 cooler onto a PhII quad-core or Thuban X6 (when the cost of those processors is less than half of retail when they were introduced).

    That's called being smart -- and frugal :lol: You are getting the best bang for your buck. Don't pay the price premium for the 'latest and greatest' because in 12 months that fancy tech will be in the discount bin!
  2. I am not sure exactly what you are asking but my advice is upgrade to 4Gb RAM and get a graphics card at least a 5670 preferably a 5770 or a 6850 or if you want nvidia a 450 minimum preferably a 460.
  3. see what im trying to say is i could just keep this processor and use the 70 extra bucks to go in on a very good gpu like a HD 58xx + cuz im not going to use this crappy 8400gs anymore. BTW sry if im not making any sence..Im trying to get the most knowledge i can. But I bought this processor cuz like a said im on a tight budget, i still have to buy a good GPU, a sata hdd, sata disk drive, and the windows 7 OS and 2-4 more gb of ddr3 ram. I fell that extra money would knock a few of these items out or help with a good gpu....
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  5. I would say a good bittorrent app and an understanding of iso files would save you 99 bucks...that you could put towards ram or a better gpu. An 3.5 hdd and an odd shouldn't run you more than 70 bucks unless you want a monster storage solution. Just curious but any particular reason you can't re-use your odd? On newegg there's at LEAST 40 micro atx boards that are 30-50 bucks cheaper than the Asus you list. And I'd nut up for the 4gigs of ram off the jump as it's dirtcheap atm. You could even find a board with an ide slot(eek) and reuse your hdd to save a little more towards a better gpu. Getting 4 gigs of ram will let you use a 64 bit os while using two will limit you to a 32bit os and the 32 bit os will limit your usable ram in future upgrades. Don't get mad I know it's frustrating but take an hour or two and compare some boards with the options you need. The 555 be dual core would be night and day over what you have now and has a lot more overclocking headroom than the athlon. Check your local used shops for some 1333 memory as long as memory isn't tossing errors right out of the box it's pretty rare to see it fail. It seems your trying to get an entry level gaming rig going. Maybe even check local pawnshops. I had a client last week that scored a dell with an i7 920 a 9800gtx a 24" Monitor keyboard mouse and a generic inkjet for 300.00 usd the kicker she needed ram...someone removed it before it was pawned....55 bucks on newegg....for under 400 she got an i7 with all the trimmings. While this isn't typical it's not as uncommon as you may think.
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