Upgrading PSU but torn between 2 choices!

I recently bought a Dell Vostro 460 and I don't trust the OEM power supply so I've decided to upgrade.
My choices are:
http://www.corsair.com/power-supplies/non-modular-psus/builder-series/builder-series-cx500.html - Which is $45 (on sale)
http://www.enermax.com/home.php?fn=eng/product_a1_1_1&lv0=1&lv1=27&no=74 - Which is $50

My budget is pretty tight so $50 is my limit, not looking to buy anything fancy.
I have an HD4870 lying around and I want to run that on my Vostro.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions :)!
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  1. Out of those two units the Enermax is alot better then the Corsair.
  2. Agreed. The extra $5 is well spent on the Enermax unit.
  3. another vote for the Enermax!
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