I need a program to control my fans

I have an Asrock P67 Pro 3 motherboard and I somehows have to automatize my case- and CPU fans. I tried using speedfan for this purpose. No matter what I set the fan speeds to, the fans won't spin any faster or slower.

This is strange as I have successfully used speedfan before on this exactly same computer.
Also, Asrock's extreme tuner-software seems to work. However it has a lot less options compared to speedfan. Does anyone know any alternative programs or any possible cause for my problem?
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  1. most people control fans via the hardware or bios. try getting a high rated inexpensive fan 5.25" bay controller
  2. You could try SpeedFan though
  3. NoobNeb said:
    You could try SpeedFan though

    Did you read my post?

    Well, bios does not offer any options to automatize fans. A bay controller might work but I would prefer to do this using software if possible.
  4. Sorry my bad :whistle:
  5. Help would be still needed.
  6. Any advice?
  7. Half a month...
  8. Anyone?
  9. Merry Christmas
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