Need a compatible HSF for HD 5770

I picked up 2 XFX 5770's and they run great, much better than my GTX 460.
Just sad that the FPS dips a lot in games that allow dedicated Physx. (BC2 goes down to 5 fps when a building gets hit with destruction 2.0)

I haven't started overclocking the cards yet. The bottom card is doing great, hasn't broken 55c. The top card however, just hit 85c. I usually like to keep my hardware at 70c tops, so I'm looking to buy a new cooler for it. I will be purchasing off of Newegg, but I don't see much for compatibility.

Motherboard is MSI
PSU is Rocketfish Gaming 500 Watt.
Case is NZXT Phantom; it has great airflow.

The cooler cannot take up more than 2 slots since my board has the pci-e 1 slot away from each other.
Currently looking at Zalman and Xigmatek coolers.

Thanks for reading,

- Matt
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  1. I would recommend just getting another case fan the NZXT Phantom is known not to have the best airflow without extra case fans Also 85c under load isn't terrible at all
  2. It's not a full load though, only 80%.
    Another 200mm case fan would help a lot?
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    Not really sure how much another 200mm case fan would help but it's a lot cheaper than getting a cooler another thing you could do would be to take off the stock cooler and replace the TIM with arctic silver 5 that should cut about 3 or 4 degrees the fan another 5 If it is still running dangerously hot then get a cooler but first try the above methods they're cheaper and even if you end up do getting a cooler they will only improve things
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