ASUS P5Q - RAID Array - BIOS change, now it wont boot

I am wondering if someone can help...

I have a P5Q with 2x 500GB Western Digital Drives in a RAID 0 - PLUS a 1TB Western Digital Drive for more storage.

I had a problem on one of the 500GB drives, had to replace, reformat, and reinstall Windows (Note: I changed from Windows VISTA 64bit on the previous install to Windows 7 64bit now)

Upon the first startup I had the OS running on the RAID 0 array, but I could no longer see the simple 1TB drive.
For some reason it was showing up in the BIOS BOOT section as a RAID disk, but in the RAID setup after the BIOS it shows as a NON-RAID array.

I thought I did something wrong in the BIOS settings and I couldnt figure out why it wasnt showing up... sooooo...
I changed the Hard Disk setting from RAID to IDE and tried to boot the system...

That didnt work and now when I change the setting back to RAID the 0 array will not boot the fresh OS install that I have on there...

I dont see an option to rebuild the array in the RAID setting area... I am hoping that I am missing something simple in order to make this boot again.

Can someone help?

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  1. Have you returned your HD settings to RAID in the BIOS? If not try that first otherwise you may have been bitten by the problems of "fake raid".
  2. Ya, I changed it back and it still wont boot... thats what I dont understand.
    Do I need to look up "fake RAID"? thats a new term for me...

    I can access the raid setup, see that the drives are still listed as RAID array 0 - Volume0 - and I can see the other single TB drive listed as a NON-RAID array.

  3. As an update...
    I can take both of the RAID drives and run them in an alternate computer that has the same RAID controller... they show up as straight storage on that computer and I am able to access all the information on them.
    I was also able to take the single TB drive and load it on the same computer and access all the information on it.
    The RAID drives will not boot on the system where they had Windows 7 installed.

  4. Well to get it booting again try running the windows startup repair on your windows install disk. Once you get it booting again if you can provide a screen shot of the disk manager window it will really help.
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