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I have a MSI g41m-p26 mobo with 2gb ddr 3 1333,intel 5500 Dual core cpu and my mobo only supports upto 1066 RAM so when I insert my ram it makes it DDR 3 800 please help me overclock or something because it supports 1333(OC)
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    The MSI G41M-P26 LGA 775 uses a variety of CPU's with different FSB speeds 800/1066/1333, ideally a 1:1 ratio CPU to RAM is ideal. Assuming you meant Intel Pentium E5500 http://ark.intel.com/products/42800/Intel-Pentium-Processor-E5500-(2M-Cache-2_80-GHz-800-MHz-FSB) it has a 800MHz FSB.

    Therefore, it's a lot more complex to OC and the gain is at best 1%. Do you still want to OC?
  2. yes I do
  3. It depends on how your CPU allows the OC.

    1. Increase FSB/DRAM Ratio

    FSB/DRAM Ratio -> increase ratio so the Adjusted DRAM Frequency (MHz) = 1000MHz or the closest value to DDR3-1066.

    2. FSB
    Math to keep 1:1 Ratio:
    333MHz * CPU Ratio = 200MHz * 14
    CPU Ratio = 8.5, adjusted up 9 ; 9 * 333MHz = 2997MHz = 3GHz

    Adjust CPU FSB Frequency (MHz) -> 333 MHz
    Adjust CPU Ratio -> 9
    FSB/DRAM Ratio -> (if necessary) -> increase ratio so the Adjusted DRAM Frequency (MHz) = 1000MHz
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