New gpu buying help..!


my brothers old 8600gt went out of order

now i am looking to buy a new card for him

i have these cards in mind

hd5670 512mb xfx

gt240 512mb ddr3 asus

hd4670 1gb xfx

(or any other card you suggest.)

he usually plays games on his pc his monitors native resolution is 1280x1024 (i think)

well he usually plays fps games like say crysis, farcry2, crysis warhead etc

which of these cards would give better performance and at what settings would the card be able to run the monster (crysis)..!

at an acceptable frames 22fps-28fps average

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  1. Forgot to mention.
    1024x768 res. is also good if it gives acceptable frames
  2. In performance order high to low HD5670 GT240 HD4670. All good upgrades from 8600GT. The most important thing is if his motherboard has PCIe x16 version 1.x slot that you do not buy a version 2.1 card (have been issues with some motherboards). Crysis performance is going to be based on CPU as well but here is a benchmark,2552-7.html
  3. his board is an asus p5qpl-AM what do you suggest
  4. Having a PCIe version 1.1 slot I would suggest one of these HD5670 version 2.0 cards
    Card should run fine on any modern 300watt PSU or bigger.
  5. DAMN it..! just one problem man i live in pakistan and i dont think there are any 2.0 cards available..

    check out on this site:

    this is where from i will buy the card...

    so any suggestions..

    so should i get the gt240 xfx

    550mhz core and 2000mhz(1000mhz gddr3) memclock


    EVGA gt240 with

    550MHZ core and 1580MHZ(790MHZ gddr3)
  6. or should i get the 9600gt 512mb and will it work on cooler master extreme power 460 watts psu.........?

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    The 9600GT performs a little better than a GT240 and will work on that PSU so will this GTS250 looking at the prices is the best buy It is a performance group above the other cards.
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