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Hi guys, decided to build myself a desktop to replace my dying laptop. This new desktop will be used for daily tasks, school, and occasional gaming needs such as black ops, wow, and such, nothing too demanding. Don't plan on doing any overclocking so far, probably won't in the future either. Any suggestions are appreciated everyone! So far I am looking at the follow parts:

Antec 900 case :
ASUS M4A78T-E Motherboard and AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Quad Core CPU Bundle :
EVGA GTX 460 :
OCZ Vertex 2:

The two things I cant decide is PS and memory.
So far for GTX 460 I read that you need 36 A on 12V rail with 450W rec. Does that mean it needs 1 12v rail with 36A or let say I can get one with 3X12v ( with 18A each? I also need one that is able to power up all the fans on the Antec case, mose likely only the:
• 1 top 200mm TriCool fan with 3-speed switch control
• 1 rear 120mm TriCool fan with 3-speed switch control
• 2 front 120mm special black TriCool blue LED fans with 3-speed switch control to cool HDDs.
Most likely not going to use the optional 2:
• 1 side (optional) 120mm fan to cool graphic cards
• 1 middle (optional) 120mm fan to cool CPU or graphic cards
But I might in the future so a PS that can power all 6 would be good.

As for Ram, will CL9 be sufficient? Or should I be looking at CL7 like the ones below. I am looking to get 2X2gb, then upgrading to 4X2gb in the future.
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  1. ^ There are few things that could be changed to make the system even better,...

    Here is a build -

    CPU - X4 955

    Mobo - No point going with that 790GX board, instead get this one with USB3.0 and SATA 6GB/s
    GIGABYTE GA-870A-UD3 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0

    RAM - No overclocking, a good set like this would suffice,...

    PSU - A good deal -
    Antec EA 650

    Video card - HD 6850 - As good as the GTX 460 and is cheaper

    CASE - I like the HAF 922 better
  2. Hey Gkay09, thanks for the suggestion. I picked tiger direct cause a buddy works there, was going to ask him to buy the parts for me (although he probably gets 1% discount for everything haha) I also want to shop local, so if anything happens I can bring it back and don't have to mail it back.

    Theres a nice Antec I don't mind picking up from Canada Computers:

    As for the ram I am thinking:

    I've already purchased the case, for only $50!

    GTX on Tiger right now is basically the same price as the HD 6850
  3. ^ Well, then get those parts from tigerdirect itself,...

    PSU - It is a good one, but frankly you wont need a 750W PSU for a single card setup,... 500-550W would suffice or the EA 650 would be the max that I would go with,...

    RAM - It is pretty good,...

    GPU - Actually the HD 6850 gives slightly better performance than the GTX 460 1GB
  4. I agree with gkay on everything except the GTX460 in regards to playing WoW: Cataclysm, the GTX outperforms the ATI in that particular game. Depends on what priority you have in your gaming.
  5. ^ Yes, the GTX does seem to perform well with WoW, but still the performance of the HD 6850 would be good enough even for 1080p,...,review-32061-3.html
  6. I just picked up the Antec TP-750, for $90 its a pretty decent deal as if I was to get the EW-650. I probably won't use it all, but who knows might double up the GPUs in the future ;). Think its pretty much set and this systems a go? GPU though I am still debating on the GTX 460, and the HD 6850. I've alway used Nividia cards all my life so venturing into the Radeon world might be interesting.
  7. ^ IMO as you have bought a very powerful PSU, you can check out Crossfire capable mobos, ASRock 870 Extreme would be a good budget option, would cost similar to that Gigabyte that I linked, but comes with x8x8 Crossfire, so if you go with HD 6850, you will have the option of adding 1 more in Crossfire later one when the prices come down,... but its your call though,...
  8. What would be your say on SSDs? I am on the edge of my budget, and freeing some by buying a normal HDD will spare up some budgeting for a better mobo.
  9. SSDs are nice if you have extra cash to spend,...they will certainly reduce the boot up times and app load times,...
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