My first Build

Hi everyone imgoign to build my first computer. This is going to be a budget all round pc
I have chossen someparts for my computer and i was wondering if u can verify they will work together.

Country- Australia

Budget- $400

Case/psu- Midi ATX Case CoolerMaster Elite 430 500w PSU Black (window/see through)

cpu- CPU/Processor AMD AM3 Athlon II x2 260 (Dual Core 3.2GHz/2MB/45nm)

Motherboard- MotherBoard AMD AM3 Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H (rev. 1.3) (all in 1/AM2 & AM3/DDR3)

Ram- Desktop DDR3 Ram 4GB Kit (2x2048MB) PC10600 1333MHz Patriot PSD34G1333KH 9-9-9-24 (AM3 & intel S1156, S775)

Optical Drive- 5.25" DVD Burner/Rw SATA Samsung DVD-SH-S223C 22x (Oem with Nero 8) Black

Hard Drive- 3.5" HDD SATA-300 1TB (1000GB) 32MB/7200rpm Samsung HD103SJ

Thanks :)
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  1. I forgot to add that im getting these parts from- and i also already have an os disk and a monitor and keyboard/mouse
  2. Looks good. I assume no gaming so the integrated graphics will be fine. The only thing I would change might be the Power supply. something like an Antec, corsair, or seasonic. looking at prices though, that would put you over budget. With only integrated graphics, you could get away with around a 350W psu. Probably even 250 from a quality manufacturer.
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