Realtex audio issues

having some crazy issues with my sound...
I only use a (non usb) speakers

in ventrillo & skype my mic does not work
in certain games my sound does not work
i get system messges that the audio jack was unplugged or it may skip that message and go straight to it was just plugged in.
at one point i got an error message that said the driver i had was only for vista, but i have reinstalled the drivers...numerous times

i am using the integrated mobo audio- Realtek ALC662

mobo- Elitegroup P55H-CM
CPU- i5 760
GPU- Gigabyte GTX 560 ti GV-N560OC-1GI
RAM- Mushkin 4GB (2X2) 1600
SSD- Crucial 64GB
HDD- Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
OS- Windows 7- 64 bit

Please offer any suggestions for me to try to fix not that computer savvy so do if a solution is obvious to you does not mean it is that way to me. :)

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  1. thanks, but can you explain the steps to do this:

    "You can also go to ffdshow audio and video settings in klite Codec pack and blacklist the game in it. Just add its exe"

    thanks so much for your help :)
  2. There is no reason to use FFDShow for this situation, none. It causes more compataility problems then its worth in my mind...
  3. i could not locate this:
    Go to klite Codec pack in your start menu

    where is this located?
  4. thanks dadiggle...the new driver did help, but i think part of my problem is my old ass headset.
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