Any suggestions for CPU/GPU upgrade??

Here are the current specs for my current build:

- Cooler master HAF 932 case
- Cooler master V-8 SPU cooler
- AMD Phenom X3 8650 2.3GHz(OC'd to 2.8GHz)
- XFX GTS 250 1GB
- 4 GB (2x2gb) GSkill DDR2- 800
- 700 watt PSU

I've been looking at the X6 1090t and a 5770 but just not sure. Any and ALL feedback is welcome :sol:
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  1. What do you want to use the system for would be helpful?! Gaming, video editing, VMware?

    For video editing go for the CPU upgrade. Gaming get a 6850, since there's not a huge improvement when you go from a 250 to 5770.
  2. yea..sorry about that. Budget around $500. Was wanting to upgrade my CPU and my GPU. Computer used mainly for gaming and internet/school stuff. Was looking for ideas on what would work well together. Wanting to OC some so really wanting to get a black editon CPU. thinking that i may go with a X4 3.4GHz 965. I've looked at the 6000 AMD cards, just thought that it might be overkill for my motherboard
  3. You didn't specify what motherboard you have, you may be limited to which Phenom II CPU you can use. Check mobo compatibility, you may need to update your BIOS. I'd also check out the GTX560 which is due for release in a couple of weeks (@Jan 20th) The GTX460 768 out performs the 5770.
  4. If you're going to get a GTX460, get a 1GB version. The extra memory might not matter that much, but the 256bit buss width probably will (vs. 192bit on the 768MB versions).
    This system would run fine on a quality 500W PSU, so unless your "700W" PSU is a Chokemax, you should be ok.

    If you think you might regret not holding out for a BD or SB CPU (either of which would require a new mobo and DDR3 RAM), buy only the GPU now, and see how much improvement you get. If you don't care, or that's not in the budget any time soon, then get a CPU if performance is still low. For gaming, you will not be likely to see any benefit from X6 over X4. A 965 would be decent.
  5. I would also second the 6850. I have been looking to upgrade my own computer and from what I can see at 180-230 dollars theya re the best price for the performance. YOu can pay more but you get a diminishing return for what you are putting out to get slightly better graphics performance.
  6. A couple of cards to consider would be the 5850 and the 6850 if you want to stay under $180. Newegg has a special deal going on the XFX 5850 that runs it down to $158 AR plus you get a $15 newegg gift card. You could use that toward any CPU u decide to buy. Remember the 6870 > 5850 > 6850.

    Newegg also has 3 6850's at $179, and a Sapphire at $179-$15 rebate = $165.

    No clue on your mobo, so it's hard to say what cpu you could invest in.
  7. I'm not sure which bench mark you were looking at but if you check here

    it looks as though the 6850 slightly edges out the 5850 on their benchmark tests. I had not seen the 5850's that cheap before though etiher, so again you have too look a tthe cost, you may have justs sold me with that post about newegg pricing on the 5850 though.
  8. Once again sorry for the lack of information. Current motherboard is the Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P. Its an AM3,AM2+,AM2 board. FSB- 5200 MT/s - 2000.
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    That's a nice motherboard i used in a build last year, Crossfire capable so your choice of power supply was a good one. With a BIOS update it can handle these CPUs.

    I'd also go the HD6850 graphic card along with a PhenomII x4 or x6 CPU depending on your use.
  10. Yea i updated to latest BIOS a couple months ago in prep for the X6.
    Phenom II 965 Black X4 or Phenom II 1075T X6? and why..........
  11. Since my primary use is gaming, i'd go with the Phenom II 965 and save a bit of money.
  12. Yea that's more than likely what I'm going to do. That a a Gigabyte 6850
  13. Ordered a AMD Phenom II X6 1055t and a XFX 6870. Should be in tomorrow.
  14. cool, i hope it works out well for you. TY for the update
  15. working well. currently have cpu OC'd to 3GHz from 2.8 and GPU OC'd to 920 from 900.
    things running well.
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